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23 Traditional Foods of Cyprus You Will Love

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23 Traditional Foods of Cyprus You Will Love

A gastronomic odyssey with its most cherished traditional foods of Cyprus is hard to avoid on your next adventure to this enchanting island. Despite its size, Cyprus showcases diverse culinary dishes, influenced by its tumultuous history at the crossroads of three continents.

From Greek-inspired moussaka to Turkish-influenced kebabs, and Arabic-infused sweets like baklava, every dish reflects the island’s diverse cultural heritage. Fresh seafood, olive oil, and locally sourced produce form the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, while centuries of culinary exchange with neighboring regions have added depth and flavour to Cypriot cuisine.

Hope you enjoy this guide on must-try typical Cypriot foods for your next trip. The island yields a diverse range of crops throughout the year, so you are guaranteed to enjoy delicious local cuisine regardless of whether you travel to Cyprus in winter or summer. You will not leave the island hungry that’s for sure!

23 Traditional Foods of Cyprus You Will Love
Typical Cypriot Lunch

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