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A Guide to Surfing in Byron Bay, Australia

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A Guide to Surfing in Byron Bay, Australia

Surfers around the world know Byron Bay as a browsing hotspot. If you are fascinated in surfing in Byron Bay, you have observed the great guidebook.

From the greatest surf seashores in Byron Bay to the most important cliches about browsing in the spot – here’s your guideline to browsing in Byron Bay in Australia.

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Ideal surf shorelines in Byron Bay

The beach locations Belongil Seaside, Primary Seaside and Clark Beach are excellent for novices.

The most famed is The Go, but it is not advised for your initially surf session.

If you are already knowledgeable and wanting for a problem, but you never want to miss the colourful magic of the location, we can suggest Tallow Beach. Thanks to its really potent present-day, the beach front can be risky for inexperienced persons, but a welcome adrenaline rush for experts! You could even catch a glimpse of some dolphins!


The furthest north seashore of Byron Bay, Belongil may turn into your favourite. It’s typically substantially fewer crowded than other seashores. A small 10 minute wander up from Major Seaside.

Exciting beach crack with a lot of peaks. Ordinarily a stable right-hand lender which frequently barrels.

The Wreck

One particular of the most well-known parts in Byron is because of to a ship wreck poking out of the h2o. It’s also wonderful for snorkelling!

Super recognizable by the rudder sticking out of the h2o. On the right swell, you are going to see a super hollow left off the rudder, or a punchy ideal hander off the submerged boilers.

Primary Beach

The gorgeous Most important Seashore of Byron Bay is the ideal place to consider a refreshing dip! With its lifeguard patrol, it is unquestionably the most secure place for swimming and browsing.

This portion of seashore has loads of peaks, which are fantastic for all amounts on a more compact swell. Even so, when the swell receives even larger, these peaks can grow to be truly hollow and tough, primarily during cyclone swells.


Wategos is a sand-bottomed surf spot cherished by loggers for its exciting correct-handers that are fantastic for all ranges. When a even larger swell rolls in, the outer financial institutions get started to break as nicely.

The Pass

The most well-liked part of the beach in Byron is due to the suitable hand stage crack. The lookout rock is also a excellent location to check out the waves and whale migration also.

The most celebrated surf place is surely the just one that presents a prolonged, curling suitable-hand place split over a sandy bottom. When swells are scaled-down, it is excellent for all stages of surfers – even newcomers. But when ailments are far more treacherous, be on the lookout for hazardous rip currents. Also be organized for huge crowds, as this location gets super active!

Damaged Head

Broken Head is a different delightful seashore in ten minutes driving distance from city. It’s well really worth a stop by when heading up to Byron or down the coast.


If you are searching for a additional very low-vital seaside expertise, Tallows is the best location. With considerably less folks about, you can love the peace and tranquil or even head to the nudist portion down to the suitable!

On the other aspect of the Cape, Tallows Beach front is a substantially wilder seaside and totally remarkable. Not appropriate for novices, beware of rips, heavy maintain downs and the adult men in grey fits!

Surf circumstances in Byron Bay

The normal surfing disorders through the seasons are:

The best sea temperatures in Byron Bay peak about February 5 and least expensive close to August 16, in the assortment of 18 to 21 ° C (64 to 70 ° F).

In the course of the 12 months, warm sea temperatures in Byron Bay climb to their greatest at the beginning of February. Even then, a rash vest and boardshorts must be superior for surfing at any time of the 12 months.

The least expensive drinking water temperatures in mid-August demand a little something like a 3/2 mm prolonged wetsuit.

Byron Bay has a mild temperate weather with warm summers and moderate winters. Winters are not chilly with every day maximums ordinarily reaching a cozy 19.4° C and a minimum amount of 11° C.

Summer can be incredibly hot, with a day by day average of 27 ºC. Summer time evenings can be soaked, cooling the working day so for a comfortable night time temperature.

Clichés about browsing in Byron Bay and what is legitimate

About surfing in Byron Bay, you may have read some discouraging clichés like “it’s meant to be entire with sharks, with brutal locals and exceptionally crowded lineups.”

But what’s the authentic offer? Can you even now have a calm time?

Cliché variety 1: There are several shark attacks in Byron Bay

Not accurate! While Australia is the habitat of a lot of shark species, statistics show that most assaults manifest in the condition of New South Wales – with only 122 currently being recorded amongst 1990 and 2016.

What is far more, Byron Bay accounts for 12 of these incidents more than 26 yrs, building the threat really lower. Significantly more probably are motor vehicle accidents or becoming struck by lightning.

Locals do not worry about sharks at all, but criticize shark repellent measures set up at occupied surf spots this kind of as drumlines and nets – as they endanger numerous marine everyday living kinds.

As an alternative it’s all about the “Blue Bottles” – relatively harmless little jellyfish that can sting pretty a little bit.

Cliché number 2: The surf spots in Byron Bay are overcrowded

The Go is undoubtedly a person of the most popular surf spots on the East Coast of Australia because the waves are wonderful and it is simply available. There’s always a lot likely on there and on weekends the crowds can get really significant.

But ordinarily this is the only location in Byron Bay which is seriously crowded. If you enterprise away from the go, you will uncover that the lineups get a whole lot quieter! Examine out some of the other places on the record earlier mentioned and request locals (for example, in surf stores) for suggestions.

Cliché variety 3: The locals in Byron Bay are brutal

However, this is partly true! Aggressive locals can occasionally be found at the go who do not shy away from “full contact”!

Even locals warn to prevent this location them selves. The sobering realization, “Surf Rage” definitely exists.

“Rage surfers” also exist at the Wreck. Be watchful on the Exterior and mindful that you are getting a risk despite realizing surf etiquette. At all other Byron Bay places the vibe is much friendlier.

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