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Aesha Scott Wears a Bikini on Vacation in Italy: Photos

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Aesha Scott Wears a Bikini on Vacation in Italy: Photos

When she’s not handling the ins and outs of the interior on Below Deck Down Under, Aesha Scott is having a blast traveling the world. 

For her most recent vacation, Aesha and a friend hit up northern Italy, hitting up the beautiful Lake Como in fashionable — and a little bit of sexy — style. 

Aesha Scott wears a cheeky bikini in Italy 

On September 24, Aesha took to her Instagram to share two photos of herself by the gorgeous lake. For the sunny occasion, she rocked a teeny white string bikini with a black “snow leopard print” from Fashion Pop (top $26, bottoms $26). In the second photo, Aesha showed off her backside, giving another peek at the smoldering swimsuit. 

“Had a ripper of a time by the lake!! I am in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN!!!!” the chief stew captioned the post. “I have been so present in every moment of this trip because everything is so bloody BEAUTIFUL I can’t peel my eyes away for one second. If you are lucky enough to have a trip to Italy booked pleeeeeease include Lake Como.” 

Below Deck‘s Hayley De Sola Pinto wrote, “[Y]ou gorgeous thing you!” in the comments section while Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Julia D’Albert Pusey also gushed about how “gorgeous” Aesha looked in the snaps. 

More from Aesha Scott’s “scenic” Italy vacation 

Additionally, Aesha hopped on her Instagram Stories to share more incredible views from the getaway. “You’re going to get a lot of scenery shots today because there were too many good views!!” she wrote over an idyllic pan of the expansive lake. 

More clips included a view of the “tiny cute villages in the hills” while another view took our breath away. “Desperate to come back for longer and hike all through there and sleep near the top,” Aesha exclaimed over a shot of the mountains. “Absolutely STUNNING!” 

The brunette beauty was also sure to document the delcious-looking drinks and bites she enjoyed with her friend, sharing a snapshot of a scrumptious meat and cheese board and another of a “pornstar” martini, aka a passion-fruit cocktail. “Morning pornstars and olives,” Aesha wrote over the story, indicating she was starting the day with the drink made with vanilla-flavored vodka, passion fruit juice, and lime juice.

What’s more, Aesha was sure to enjoy an Italy favorite: an Aperol spritz. “Last Spritz in Italy! Starting the journey back to my love!!!” she exclaimed, likely referring to her boyfriend, Scotty Dobson

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