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Avoid Wearing These 4 Things While Going Through Airport Security

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Avoid Wearing These 4 Things While Going Through Airport Security

The worst part about traveling is going through security and nearly having to undress. There are four simple articles of clothing that should never be worn to the airport. Avoiding these items will help you get through security faster and travel more comfortably.

1. Boots or shoes that are difficult to remove


Some airports will only make you remove your shoes if they are boots, as they might have metal tips or thick soles. We travel wearing crocs or other slip-on shoes to the airport, which are super easy to remove when required to, going through security.

While you are going through security you might have to take your shoes off and put them in the screening bin before walking through the metal detector although travelers aged 75+ or under 13 can leave their shoes on during screening.

If you are trying to avoid taking shoes off at the airport it is best to wear simple style shoes or sandals. While it is no guarantee, we have had a high success rate of being allowed through airport security with sneakers, sandals and crocs. Any shoes with thick soles, high tops, or metal toed will have to come off and go through the security bin.

If it is snowing at your departure or arrival airport bring along a plastic bag to carry the potentially wet boots through security and on flight. Your dry feet will thank you!

2. Belts


If you are planning on traveling we suggest to wear jeans or pants that do not need a belt. At almost any airport you will have to remove it for screening, so it is better to just not wear it in the first place.

What Steven does is keep his belt in his backpack or carry on until we have gone through security and make it to the gate before putting it on. This will save time and hassle in the security line.

With TSA PreCheck you are able to keep your belt and shoes on while going through the security line. Just remember, you need to apply and be accepted to TSA PreCheck in advance. You will then be provided with a Known Traveler Number (KTN). The KTN must be added in the KTN field when booking your flight or checking in to have the TSA PreCheck indicator appear on your boarding pass. You are then good to go!

3. Coats or Jackets


Every airport will ask you to remove your jackets to go through security. Since it can get chilly on the plane, we recommend to take a light jacket and keep it in the carry on until you are done with security. If you need to wear a jacket, remove it in line before you get to the x-ray machine. This includes hooded sweatshirts and vests.

Thin or light sweaters are often accepted to wear through airport security, but please respect the TSA security officer if they request it to go through screening.

4. Large Jewelry


We recommend to not take a lot of jewelry with you through the airport. Not only easy to lose when you have to take it remove it at security, but it can also become uncomfortable during a long flight. Jaz normally takes a pair of earrings for the trip, which she wears after we arrive to our destination. If you do wear jewelry, keep it small to avoid having to remove it through security.

Try avoiding wearing bulky or metal jewelry unless you are ready to place it in your carry on. You can travel with them but you most likely would need to remove it before going through the metal detector. If you are traveling with fine jewelry or small pieces you can go through airport security without a problem.

You are allowed to keep wearing your Gold and Platinum jewelry through security as they are not magnetic. However overly bulky jewelry may have to be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much jewelry can I bring on the airplane?

If you are travelling with valuable jewelry, make sure to keep them with you at all times. Never put them in checked baggage as they can get lost. If you feel uncomfortably about showing your jewelry in public, you can always ask the TSA officer to screen you and your valuables in private.

What do you have to take out of your bag at airport security?

If you do not have TSA PreCheck, then you will need to take out of your bag/carry on at airport security your liquids, electronics such as phone, tablets and computers and place them in separate bins before going through security.

Can I Wear a Hat Through Airport Security?

Yes, you can you wear a hat on a plane and when going through TSA security. Hats, even bulky headpieces such as turbans, can be worn when going through the airport security. According to TSA new rules, passengers are now allowed to leave hats and other headpieces on if you choose to unless you do not mind being ask for an additional pat-down or to remove your headpiece in private if they think it is necessary.

What do you have to remove at airport security

Some of the things you will need to remove at airport security are your coat, belt and shoes. So we recommend to wear easily removable shoes and keep your coat or jacket in your carry on.

Can you wear jeans through airport security?

Yes, you can wear jeans through airport security. Before going through security please remove everything in your pockets (keys, coins, wallet, cellphone) and put them into the tray. Even though Jeans might set the alarm off on the scanner it is not a problem.

Can you wear crocs at an airport or on a plane?

Yes, you can wear crocs both at the airport and on a plane. In fact there are several advantages to wearing crocs when traveling. Crocs are not only the most comfortable footwear for on the airplane, but perfect for walking long distances through the airport. At the same time, crocs are easy to slip on and off as needed when going through security.

Insider tip: If you plan on wearing your wedding/engagement rings on your trip, get a fake one you can take with you to places of unknown safety, to prevent theft or minimize loss.

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