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Barcelona Souvenirs: 30 Best Souvenirs from Barcelona

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Barcelona Souvenirs: 30 Best Souvenirs from Barcelona

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If there’s ever a place to collect keepsakes from, it would be the Catalan capital, Barcelona. Why? This city is a shopping mecca, with plentiful gift and souvenir shops bursting at the seams. Throughout this post, we will share our top picks for great Barcelona souvenirs. 

Some are expected, like the red Catalan hat, Espadrilles, or FC Barcelona merchandise. At the same time, others might throw you for a loop, such as hand-made candy or street artwork. 

Magnets on a store in Barcelona
Barcelona souvenirs: What to buy in Barcelona, Spain

Whatever you desire — we can all agree that buying a few collectibles here and there is mandatory while traveling to the Catalonia jewel. So, you can take a little piece of Barna (as the locals call it) back home. 

Let’s not waste another moment. The lively streets of Barcelona are calling your name — and your wallet’s already groaning in pain. 

Psst: Before sending you to the shops, check out our two-day Barcelona itinerary if you’re still putting your trip together.

Barcelona souvenirs: 30 Best Souvenirs from Barcelona

Best souvenirs from Barcelona Spain

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