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BÉIS Carry-on Roller Review: Is It Worth It?

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BÉIS Carry-on Roller Review: Is It Worth It?

As an avid travel-trend (and Shay Mitchell) follower, I was eager to try the BÉIS luggage carry-on. I travel a lot and usually only bring a carry-on roller. So, it is important for me to have a functional carry-on roller that is also visually appealing.

The BÉIS carry-on roller combines pleasing aesthetics with efficient functionality. Any frequent traveler can rest easy knowing this piece of quality luggage can handle the miles and rough handling that come with frequent trips and look good doing it.

The BÉIS suitcase does come at a pretty hefty cost, but is it worth it? It’s been trending on social media and has received many rave reviews, so I was a bit worried it was all hype. Now, though, I’ve personally tried and tested this product and can say that it’s most definitely worth the cost.

BÉIS luggage provides high quality across the board and is a sound investment for your travel needs. With the carry-on suitcase, you’re getting the benefit of a piece of luggage that’s suitable for any trip, be it for domestic or international travel. Keep reading for an unbiased BÉIS carry-on luggage review.


Category Details
Dimensions W 15.7in x H 22.8in x D 9.8in
Weight 8.36 lbs
Price $218
Key Features
  • Durable, scratch-resistant, waterproof material
  • TSA-approved combination lock
  • Expandable design
Unique Features
  • Weight limit indicator for hassle-free packing
Main Competitors

Main Features of the BÉIS Luggage Carry-On

Quality and Design of the BÉIS Carry-On Roller

Beis Carry-On Suitcase Unboxed (Black)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The first thing you notice about the BÉIS carry-on roller, in general, is its sleek and elegant appearance. Made from a durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof material, this lightweight hard case bag is designed to meet the demands of travel luggage for even the most frequent travelers.

The almost flawless aesthetics of this well-designed bag are also worth noting as a stand-out key feature. With a color theme that runs throughout all points of its exterior set with contrast vegan leather trim, this is a bag that can complement even the best airport fit.

BÉIS Carry-On Suitcase Handle (Black)
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The design of this bag is sleek and effortless, with attention to detail. Such intricate details include lovely little features like a branded extendable carry handle with a soft brushed cushion. Moreover, the TSA-approved combination lock keeps the zippers set in place and your belongings secure at all times.

100% virgin polycarbonate is used to create the hard casing. Virgin materials guarantee higher durability, so buying this suitcase can be seen as more of a long-term investment. The casing is also expandable, meaning you’ve got more wiggle room when moving from quick weekend trips to something a little longer.

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BÉIS Luggage Dimensions and Variations

BÉIS Carry-on Roller in Black

The carry-on roller from BEIS comes in at 8.36 lbs and is overhead compartment friendly with exterior roller dimensions of W15.7in x H 22.8in x D 9.8in. Coming in at no less than 11 color choices, including Atlas pink, you’re bound to find an option that suits your taste.

This handy piece of BEIS luggage has the ability to expand. So, it’s a diverse bag that can let you travel light for a day or two away, or it can accommodate longer trips for a week or so. If you find yourself bringing home any extra souvenirs from your trip, it’s as easy as using the expandable zippered section to make room.

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Storage and Compartments in the BÉIS Carry-On Roller

BÉIS Luggage Inside
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The interior space of the BÉIS rolling luggage option offers generous storage, suitable for a weekend getaway or even a week-long trip. One side of the interior consists of two zipped pockets, one of which is made of PVC and is, therefore, waterproof. The other side has a removable compression flap with a mesh pocket and U zip pocket for easy segregation of items.

The interior is designed with practicality, offering compartments and pockets for seamless organization. Some of the stand-out features include:

  • Compression straps for compartmentalizing your belongings
  • A small zippered separate pouch for storing small valuables and other small essentials 
  • A mesh insert for items such as shoes
  • Unique attached separator in the main compartment for keeping garments wrinkle-free
  • A frosted PVC zip pocket for waterproof storage of toiletries
  • Large laundry bags for dirty clothes and shoes

When packing this carry-on, you’ll find it can comfortably hold essentials like packing cubes or shoes. You’ll have ample space to accommodate those last-minute must-pack items and any souvenirs you buy while away!

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Unique Feature of the BÉIS Carry-On Roller

Beis TSA Approved Sentry Lock on the Carry-On Suitcase
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

The weight limit indicator built into the BÉIS bag is a nice final touch. It makes a massive difference in ensuring the most seamless and hassle-free travel experience possible.

The weight limit indicator will turn red if you pack heavier than 50 lbs. So, it’s super easy to know for sure if you’re packing within the weight limit restrictions set by your airline. There’s no need to mess about with at-home scales. It’s as easy as just filling your bag with everything you need for your trip and then checking that handle indicator.

BÉIS luggage Pros vs. Cons

There’s no denying that BÉIS products, in general, fall under the realm of quality luggage for any traveler. But, like with most things, this carry-on comes with its pros and cons. To give a detailed and honest review of the popular BÉIS rolling luggage, here’s the breakdown of its pros and cons:


  • Built-in weight indicators for hassle-free packing. Usual overpackers will never again be caught over the weight limit restrictions when opting to travel with BÉIS luggage by their side!
  • TSA locks for secure travel
  • Aesthetically pleasing design with a diverse range of colors available
  • Virgin materials used in hard-casing ensure optimal durability for rough handling during travel
  • 360° wheels provide easy maneuverability, making for an easy transition when gliding from terminal to plane
  • Features a trolley sleeve-compatible strap
  • Interior space provides efficient storage with separate compartments for optimized organization and easy packing – the effortless internal organization sets the BÉIS apart from other carry-on rollers on the market:
    • The main compartment of the interior space is spacious enough to pack everything you would need for a short trip away. Moreover, the compression flaps and separate compartments make items secure and easy to find quickly
    • Frosted PVC zip pocket included for toiletries and a separate pouch for smaller items
    • Internal divider helps separate items and helps avoid creasing clothing like suits
    • Features extra laundry BÉIS bags to keep dirty clothes and shoes separate and away from your other clothes


  • The above-average price tag of $218
  • The BÉIS carry-on roller weighs 8.26 lbs – a little heavier than some other carry-on rollers on the market
  • While the dimensions of this carry-on work well with most American airline guidelines for carry-on luggage, you will want to double-check before flying, as it doesn’t suit all.

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BÉIS Luggage Alternatives

So, how does the BÉIS carry-on roller compare to other luggage options?

Some of the major alternative options similar to BÉIS include carry-on rollers from brands like LEVEL8, Aware, Quince, and TravelPro.

All these brands also offer some top-quality hard case carry-on suitcases. Each offers similar features to BÉIS, like TSA locks, 360° wheels, polycarbonate casing, and expandable sizing. But they vary in design, weight, internal compartment layout, and durability.

Choosing the best one for your personal travel needs will ultimately come down to your individual requirements. Look at your budget, packing style, and how lightweight you need your suitcase to be to help you decide on the most suitable brand for you.

Here’s a quick run-through of some of the major competing carry-ons to BÉIS:


Luminous Textured Carry-On 20''
 in Black

A lighter option to BÉIS, at 7.7 lbs and on offer in five different colors, is the carry-on roller from LEVEL8. The Level8 Pro Carry-On has actually won a German international design award, the Red Dot Award, so you know it’s a good quality piece.

A major benefit to LEVEL8 compared with BÉIS is the cheaper price tag of LEVEL8 at $169.99. LEVEL8 Luggage is editor James Oliver‘s, luggage brand of choice.

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2. Quince

Quince carry-on suitcase outside standing up
Woodrow Matthews / ViaTravelers

Quince brings another carry-on roller to the table, able to hold its own against BÉIS. It provides similar features to BÉIS, like a hard polycarbonate casing, a TSA-approved combination lock, and an interior compression system.

The durability of Quince is questionable when compared to that of BÉIS, as discussed in our review of Quince luggage. But the Quince carry-on roller is still a good choice if you’re after something more affordable (starting at $119.90) and much lighter (at 6.2 lbs).

3. Away

Away Carry-on in color coast
Away / Away

Away is a more expensive option than BÉIS, with a carry-on roller from Away costing you about $315. It still provides many similar features like a hard-casing shell, 360° wheels, and an internal compression flap, but it comes in at a slightly lower weight when compared with BÉIS of 7.5 lbs.

The weight comparison is something to think about if every lb counts to get in all your travel essentials. For many frequent travelers, Away is their brand of choice.

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4. TravelPro

Travelpro Maxlite Carry-On in front of a red Jeep
Kim Magaraci / ViaTravelers

One of the most trusted luggage brands available, TravelPro is another notable contending carry-on travel suitcase to BÉIS.

There’s an extensive range of options with TravelPro, but its hard case offerings range from $169.99 to $545. Whether you go for the budget option with TravelPro or the higher price tag, you have quality guaranteed with expandable cases, sturdy polycarbonate hard shells, and locking systems approved by the TSA.

The internal compartment falls short when compared to BÉIS for efficiency in internal storage when looking at the cheaper option. But the pricier option is a strong contender if only missing the handy internal divider you find with a BÉIS roller bag.

5. Monos

Monos Carry-on in color Black
Monos / Monos

Monos is a brand with sustainability and eco-friendly design at its core. Monos also features some of the quietest 360° wheels you’ll find on the market.

They use Hinomoto Lisof Silent Run wheels, which perform well for easy maneuverability. This feature is perfect if you hate that clunking suitcase sound following you whenever you travel. Monos also comes with the usual bells and whistles: TSA locks, multiple internal compartments, a retractable handle, and a durable exterior.

It’s also got a handy padded laptop sleeve and a range of carry-on rollers, all under 8 lbs, with a total of 13 colors to pick from. The price range is higher than BÉIS, starting at $255 and going up to $345 for their more high-end options.

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Verdict: Is BÉIS Luggage Worth It?

You could say I was pleasantly surprised with the BÉIS carry-on roller, but after having been a fan of the brand for so long, I wasn’t really expecting anything less. Traveling with a BÉIS bag is truly a traveler’s dream. The spinning wheels and smooth rolling make for a quiet and convenient experience navigating airports.

Is BÉIS luggage worth the higher price tag? Most definitely! A BÉIS bag is a long-term investment that will serve you well time and time again. I would say it’s even worth looking into other high-quality BÉIS products, like the check-in luggage offered by the brand for those longer trips; you can expect the same high quality and top-tier design, just with a bit more space!

Overall, we highly recommend the BÉIS Carry-On Roller for being a stylish, durable, and practical option to buy when looking for new luggage. So go ahead, pack your bags, and get ready for your next adventure.


Where can I purchase the BÉIS carry-on roller?

You can buy the carry-on roller from BÉIS directly from their website, with free US shipping if you spend over $150.

If you prefer to shop in person, check select Nordstrom stores near you, as they may have some products in stock to buy in-store. This way, you can get a better feel for the product, sift through its many internal compartments, and feel the weight of the case before buying to see if it’s going to be suitable for your needs.

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