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‘Bigfoot’ spotted in Southern Colorado?

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‘Bigfoot’ spotted in Southern Colorado?

(SOUTHERN COLORADO) — A now-viral video captured by a couple vacationing for their wedding anniversary shows what appears to be the elusive Bigfoot lurking in the mountains of Southern Colorado.

According to Fox News, on Oct. 8, Shannon Parker and her husband Stetson were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in southwestern Colorado and decided to take the Narrow Gauge train from Durango to Silverton with the intent of spotting some elk in the mountains.

But something otherworldly may have been lurking in those mountains.

Shannon posted the encounter on Facebook, and said her husband originally spotted something tall and hairy moving among the brush on a mountainside.

“It was at least six, seven feet or taller. It matched the sage in the mountains so much that he’s like camouflaged when crouching down,” Shannon told the New York Post. “If you asked before our trip we would have said maybe [Bigfoot] could be real, but now we’re convinced.”

Shannon said as soon as they spotted the creature, she began snapping photos while the man sitting next to them captured video. The 18-second video, which has garnered thousands of shares from Shannon’s Facebook post and sparked debate on social media, shows the supposed ‘squatch marching across the hillside before stopping for a rest.

The comments on the video range from conspiracy theorists arguing the creature is a man in a costume, to Bigfoot enthusiasts supporting the irrefutable evidence.

Shannon told the New York Post that the train conductor said there have been similar cryptid sightings in those mountains before, and unexplainable footprints.

Whether the sighting was an actual Bigfoot or not, we may never know, but for Shannon and her husband, their minds are made up.

“I don’t know about y’all but We Believe!” Shannon’s Facebook post reads.

FOX News contributed to this report.

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