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Boho Mid-Century Modern Guest Bedroom • The Blonde Abroad

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Boho Mid-Century Modern Guest Bedroom • The Blonde Abroad

Guest Bedroom Pin

Throughout our home, we mix elements to create a sort of “boho mid-century modern” look! Be sure also to check out our Main Bedroom and living room!

When designing our guest room, the main thing I had in mind was that I wanted lots of light to create calming energy.

I absolutely can’t stand clutter or having too much “stuff” in the bedroom. Though both the main and guest rooms are simple in design, there’s not much else I would add!

There’s sophistication in the simplicity. 

Without further ado, here is our boho, mid-century modern guest bedroom!

About Our Favorite Green Mattresses

As we’ve been slowly furnishing our new home, the importance of choosing local, sustainable, and green has been a top priority. When we started researching mattresses, we were SHOCKED that many are full of harmful chemicals.

I never knew that many mattresses and the materials they are made from literally release toxins while you sleep. And they say the average person spends 1/3 of their life in bed!

We went with an Avocado Mattress in all bedrooms (including our Main Bedroom and the crib in our baby’s nursery), as their natural mattresses are 100% certified organic, use low emissions, and are made right here in California.

It’s the healthiest, most squishy, comfy, soft-as-a-cloud mattress I’ve ever slept on!

Shop Avocado Mattresses

Stay tuned for more of our boho meets mid-century modern home!

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