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Celebrity Beyond Sky Suite Cabin 10211 Review

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Celebrity Beyond Sky Suite Cabin 10211 Review
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We stayed in a Celebrity Beyond Sky Suite cabin for our 10-night Mediterranean cruise. We booked the guaranteed rate for The Retreat and, within 24 hours, were assigned to Sky Suite Cabin 10211, portside. Here is our review.

Since we were sailing for ten nights aboard, the Sky Suite made us feel at home and more. We were super comfortable, but while we loved this cabin, there were still a few downsides worth mentioning.

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What is the sky suite on Celebrity Beyond?

The Sky Suite on Celebrity Beyond is the lowest-tier suite you can book in the Retreat.

Celebrity Beyond Sky Suite Cabin 10211 Review

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Our experience staying in the Sky Suite Cabin aboard the Celebrity Beyond is one of our favorite cabins thus far. This space embodied modern luxury and offered a magnificent layout that we LOVED. The bed strategically faced the wide balcony, treating us to breathtaking morning views that we found invigorating.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Sky Suite Cabin was impressively spacious, boasting contemporary design elements and ample closet space. The bed was super comfortable, with multiple pillows.

The bathroom, a highlight in itself, featured a rain shower, an enclosed tub, a double sink, and a toilet with a separate door. There was enough room for the two of you to get ready. The toiletries in the shower (shampoo, conditioner, and body soap) were nice by C.O. Bigelow, so you can leave yours at home if you want to save space.

And, you didn’t have to sacrifice not having a view in the bathroom because there was a peekaboo window above the sink that let you see straight into the room and the balcony.

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In this Sky Suite cabin, you’ll find:

  • Multiple USB ports, 5 to be exact
  • 2 US electrical ports
  • a European electrical port
  • a large screen TV with multiple movies included
  • Mini Fridge
  • Safe
  • eXhale® bedding and CashmereTM mattresses
  • Robes
  • Free 24 Hour Room Service

Watch a our Celebrity Beyond Sky Suite Tour

Balcony is Spacious With a Minor Obstruction

The balcony was larger than we expected, with a minor obstruction that didn’t bother us. The narrow column was discreetly positioned, preserving our scenic views inside the cabin. The balcony was so spacious when you sat outside that we never felt the column was in the way.

If you think that will bother you, we suggest changing rooms to one without obstructions.

The cabin is located near the AFT elevators and stairs

Cabin 10211 is a category S2 located mid-ship, portside, near the AFT elevators and stairs. We thought it was conveniently located so you could take the stairs or elevator down to Grand Plaza or upstairs to the Oceanview Cafe. However, to reach The Retreat from your cabin at FWD on the ship, you had to walk through deck 10 corridors to the FWD elevators and stairs.

Sky Suite Cabins Retreat Host and Team

Despite our overall satisfaction, it’s worth noting that Sky Suite Cabins doesn’t come with a dedicated butler (an amenity removed on August 14, 2023, without notice) but instead, a Retreat Host, which is the same as your cabin attendant. Your cabin attendant does not take care of any personalized duties your previous butler would have attended to.

The rest of the team that attends Sky Suite cabins consists of your Retreat Concierge and a butler. A butler introduced himself and made it known that he is the butler to all Sky Suites from decks 10 to 13 and mostly does office work.

No Coffee Machine in the Suite

Another notable drawback is the absence of a coffee machine, a feature reserved for the higher-tier suites. This, however, didn’t significantly impact our experience.

Drinks in the Mini-Fridge Are Not Included

The drinks in the mini-fridge within the Sky Suite come at an additional cost. Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense even though you have the Premium Drink Package as part of your Retreat Perks.

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The Retreat Lounge Fridges

We recommend having the Retreat Host empty the fridge to maximize the included amenities. You can fill it with complimentary canned drinks and bottled water from the Retreat Lounge.

While our Retreat Host was accommodating in replenishing daily water, premium bottled water and canned sodas were not part of the service he provided.

Is the Celebrity Sky Suite worth it?

If you can afford it or book it at a reasonable rate, the comfort of the Sky Suite itself is worth it. You have to consider that it is part of the Retreat experience, so the rates for the Sky Suites do come with Retreat perks like access to The Retreat Lounge, The Retreat Pool Deck, and its exclusive restaurant, Luminae.


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