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Celebrity Hair Colorist Jenna Perry Drops the Skinny on the Hottest Hair Colors Set to Takeover Fall 2023

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Celebrity Hair Colorist Jenna Perry Drops the Skinny on the Hottest Hair Colors Set to Takeover Fall 2023

Celebrity-loved haircare brand Redken is celebrating National Hair Gloss Day on August 3 for the second year.

The hair holiday was created to uplift and celebrate the benefits of hair glossing on all textures and lengths. This year, the brand has taken the holiday a step further by tapping celebrity hair colorist Jenna Perry to drop the 411 on this fall’s upcoming hair color trends. Having worked with beauty icons such as Emily Ratajkowski and Maude Apatow, the Hypebae Beauty team undoubtedly trusts Perry’s expertise on what she forecasts will be the hottest hair colors and styles of the seasons.

Above anything else, Perry knows that while having great hair is important is the maintenance of the tresses that bring out the genuine fierceness of your crown and glory, which is why Redken tapped the master colorist and stylist to spearhead the holiday. “Redken Shades EQ Gloss is a key tool in my creative palette. The right hair color can transform not just my clients’ appearance but also their confidence and energy, which is why partnering with Redken to celebrate National Hair Gloss Day is so exciting,” says Perry. “With Shades EQ Gloss, customizing hair color to suit personalities and styles is easy and convenient — not to mention I’m able to have my clients keep up with evolving trends and timeless looks, all while creating the ultimate in shiny, healthy hair.”

We have a ways to go, but in honor of National Hair Gloss Day, Perry has given us all the tea on what she predicts will be the ruling hair color shades for Fall 2023.

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Ombre Hair

Perry predicts that this timeless trend is making a stylish comeback for autumn. Stylists will be giving the look an elevated update with “tipped-out and sun-kissed ends.”

“Tuscan Leather”

Brunettes will have fun with this fresh take on a classic brown. The shade is a chic and brownish-red that provides warm tones to brunette hair, which adds depth.

“Sand Dollar”

Seen on stars such as Lila Moss, this new color seamlessly balances cool, ashy undertones with warm, lush golden hues.

“Cherry Cola Red”

Perry foresees the girlies rocking this universal auburn shade throughout the fall.

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