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Colby Stevenson Drops Glacier Edit From Summer Vacation To Whistler

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Colby Stevenson Drops Glacier Edit From Summer Vacation To Whistler

Where does a professional skier go for summer vacation?

Many skiers have other hobbies/interests like surfing, mountain biking, and kayaking that take up their time in the summer months, but it appears that Colby Stevenson isn’t quite done with skiing just yet.

Check out his sweet Instagram edit from skiing at Momentum Camps at Whistler Blackcomb, BC, Canada.

Whistler is one of a few places in the world where skiers can enjoy snow on glaciers while hikers and mountain bikers are enjoying summer at lower elevations.

It’s unclear when exactly Stevenson’s clips were filmed, but it’s more than likely that hundreds of mountain bikers were enjoying dirt and mud not too much further down in elevation.

It’s one of the things that makes Whistler so special for action sports lovers.

I should clear one thing up- Stevenson’s interests don’t lie solely in skiing. Check out the video below of him and friends using a winch as a huge rope swing on a river:

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