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Cracker Barrel Server Shows Her Tip Earnings On Her First Week

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Cracker Barrel Server Shows Her Tip Earnings On Her First Week

A Cracker Barrel server reported that her first week of tip earnings was not quite what she expected, leading her to make a TikTok video alerting the world.

The video came from creator @jayrilizz, getting more than 143,000 views as of Friday. In it, she invites viewers to “join [her] on [her] first week working at the barrel.”

As the Daily Dot’s covered in the past, tipping is a hot topic among TikTokers, with some decrying “tipping culture” going out of control, and others—including many servers—concerned that tipping doesn’t bring as much compensation as it should.


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In the video, the creator walks through her shift-by-shift tip totals, making faces as she reviews each of them. She reveals $0 tips in a 10am to 2pm shift, as it was her last training session, followed by a first-day solo haul of $77 for a 4pm to 9pm dinner shift.

Then, she reports bringing home $99 from a 4pm to 10pm shift, and finally, $120 working 5pm to 10pm.

Commenters primarily offered encouragement and advice.

“Money will get better with time!” one promised. “I made $400 Saturday, worked a little more hours than you did but it will be great!”

The creator responded, “That’s awesome and my motivation just grew more thank you.”

Someone else shared, “Girl I made $300 a night after a while. just learn the regulars bc that’s ur biggest tippers.”

Another advised, “TELL TABLES YOURE NEW!! they will tip you good because of it!!”

Others, however, were down on Cracker Barrel.

“Girl get out while you can,” one warned.

Another opined, “Can’t work at a place like that customers are to rude.”

And one confessed, “I quit cracker barrel after 3 alone shifts.”

It wouldn’t be a tipping TikTok without a tipping culture debate, would it?

A commenter brought it up by saying, “All these tiktoks with how much servers are making makes me only wanna tip like $2-3 the next time I go since they make so much.”

Though the creator might be new to Cracker Barrel, she’s already got the servers’ perspective on tipping down, saying, “Restaurants are a luxury which comes w customer service. being a server is hard not just physically but emotional as well + most servers live based of tips since pay is low. remember that.”

But the encouragement also kept coming. One said, “You will make so much as it goes on. I was absolutely obsessed with my time at cracker barrel simply for the tips. holiday season is chaotic but $$$.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.


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*First Published: Jun 2, 2023, 10:03 am CDT

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