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Cruise guest explains how they don’t ‘spend a penny extra’ on a cruise holiday | Cruise | Travel

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Cruise guest explains how they don’t ‘spend a penny extra’ on a cruise holiday | Cruise | Travel

Although cruise holidays often include food, travel and amenities onboard, guests will still have to pay for some extras.

WIFI, drinks and excursions are just a few of the additions that could drive up the price of a cruise holiday.

However, a few guests have shared their top tips on Reddit to explain how they cruise without spending any extra money.

A cruise guest ‘jtothemak’ said: “Just get off and walk around for excursions, don’t drink unless you got the beverage package and stay away from the casino.

“Bring a water bottle so you can fill it up to take with you. You can easily cruise with zero money.”

The guest said they don’t “spend a single penny extra” by staying away from the casino and eating at included restaurants.

Cruise guests don’t need to sign up for excursions as they can choose to explore by themselves instead.

However, guests should check how far the port is from the city as they may need to pay for their own transport to the centre.

Alcohol can be very expensive on a cruise so guests might want to avoid the bar if they’re trying to save money.

Guests can bring a refillable water bottle onboard and some cruise ships offer iced tea or tea and coffee for free.

Another guest ‘eastmemphisguy’ said: “No judging but I don’t know how people end up with giant bills.

“I don’t go to the crazy overpriced spa, I don’t go to specialty dining beyond my loyalty voucher, I don’t buy jewellery onboard.”

Another cruise holidaymaker advised tourists that want to save to “stick to the buffet” onboard.

The ship’s buffet restaurant is nearly always included in the price of the cruise and is the perfect place to fill up for the day.

Ships usually rotate their menu and have a lot of options so guests can still enjoy a varied experience.

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