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Face of a ‘Betrayed’ 13-Year-Old Dachshund Taken On Vacation in the Cold

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Face of a ‘Betrayed’ 13-Year-Old Dachshund Taken On Vacation in the Cold

Plenty of dog owners happily bring their fur babies on vacation and those dogs are equally excited to go as they aren’t left behind, but one dog felt betrayed as it was not the trip she imagined.

A 13-year-old dachshund, Darcy, got to go on a special winter break with her family to their cabin, except it was not so special in her eyes. It was far too cold for the little one and she let them know.

She stared at her owners with her big round eyes filled with so much resentment.

Tuesday’s Reddit post that was shared to the subreddit page r/aww/ reads: “…She couldn’t believe our audacity in bringing her to the family cabin in the mountains when it was so much colder there.”

Dachshund judging owners
Photo of a 13-year-old dachshund in front of a fire. This dog felt betrayed by her owners after they brought her on a cold vacation.

But don’t let those hurt eyes fool you. The owner, known on Reddit as @smugmisswoodhouse, wrote in the comment section: “We have tried over and over again to get her to wear a jacket or sweater, but she always manages to wiggle out of them.”

Plus, Darcy was sitting right next to the fire in a picture that was posted. The fire wasn’t cutting it.

The owner told Newsweek via Reddit messaging that Darcy spent the majority of the trip sleeping under blankets or on someone’s lap.

She added that when they arrived at the cabin, the heat had not been turned on yet. And being in the mountains, it was about 20 to 30 degrees colder than at home, the owner guessed.

“I don’t think she was used to being in a house that was so chilly,” the owner said.

And if they plan on going back to the cabin next year, all bets are on Darby sitting that one out.

Keeping Dogs Warm In Winter

The cold might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but humans can adjust by adding layers or turning up the heat. Dogs on the other hand might need a little help to spend the whole winter shivering.

How cold a dog gets in the winter depends a lot on the breed and their size. Some dogs are well-adjusted to frigid temperatures thanks to their double coats, but then other dogs, like Chihuahuas, have thin coats which will make them lose heat quicker.

Although a dog’s fur can protect them from colder temperatures, it is not enough for long-term exposure and other parts of their bodies such as their ears and tails do not have the same amount of furry protection. This makes them prone to frostbite.

PetMD recommends using a warm bed to help them stay toasty in the winter. Some doggy beds will even warm up based on their body temperature. Sweaters and booties are always a great option for when they’re outside. And once they come inside, you can wrap a blanket around them to warm them back up.

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