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Flight attendants debunk popular tip claiming to give free upgrades | Travel News | Travel

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Flight attendants debunk popular tip claiming to give free upgrades | Travel News | Travel

The inclusive holiday booking company Travel Republic has shared a tip that can help tourists get a free upgrade on their flight, though it comes with a warning.

With many travellers feeling cramped or uncomfortable when on long-haul flights, the idea of getting more room in a better class can feel very welcome.

Taking to the travel podcast Are You Tripping? the ex-Love Island contestant Antigoni Buxton shared how she succeeded in getting an upgrade by bringing a gift along for the flight attendants.

She explained: “So, my friend is a flight attendant and gave me a tip. She said if you want to get upgraded, take a box of doughnuts onto a flight for the flight staff.

“She said, get on the plane and say this is for you, and they will upgrade you whenever they can. I did it once and it worked.”

In the podcast, Antigoni stated that she took a box of doughnuts through the airport so she could give them to the flight staff once she had boarded the plane.

In doing so, the Love Island star claimed that the gift helped to persuade the crew to give her a space in a better part of the plane.

However, whilst the hosts of the podcast were incredibly intrigued with this tip, saying they would try it out for themselves the next time they fly, some viewers were not so sure it would work.

The clip of the podcast received more than 92,000 likes when it was posted to the TikTok page @kybetravel, however, a number of flight attendants commented, stating that, whilst the gesture is incredibly kind, it is unlikely to help tourists looking for an upgrade.

One attendant said: “Cabin crew here. You definitely won’t get upgraded to business, but you might get a free drink and snack or something for the nice gesture.”

Another added: “As a flight attendant, you’ll get special treatments from the crew to a certain extent, but no such thing as an upgrade.”

Instead, Kate Staniforth, Head of Marketing at Travel Republic, suggested that the best way to guarantee a last-minute upgrade on a flight is to inquire at the airline counter.

She advised: “If you wish to upgrade your flight, you have the option to do so either before arriving at the airport or upon arrival. Check for availability and explore the possibility of an upgrade.

“If you’re looking to upgrade at the airport, approach the airline counter and inquire – arriving early increases your chances of securing an upgrade. It’s important to remain flexible as upgrades are subject to availability.”

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