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Get The Flight Ticket For Applying For Schengen Visa Without Buying Airline Ticket

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Get The Flight Ticket For Applying For Schengen Visa Without Buying Airline Ticket

Reserve a tentative flight from a verifiable website, collect the additional documents, and undertake a hassle-free journey.

Thousands of travelers entertain the fantasy of embarking on a hassle-free journey to the mesmerizing Schengen region. Some aspirants apply for a visa to discover ski resorts while others intend to satisfy their thirst for exploring historical masterpieces. The Schengen countries cater to all the categories of tourists. 

However, Imagination is something different from reality. Undertaking a trip to a very new country is a challenging task. Things become problematic for first-time travelers. 

Therefore, if you intend to take a journey to the region and have no idea about the visa application process, this article will provide you with the required guidance. Go through it, accumulate all the important documents, and make your journey a memorable one. 

The Most Important Prerequisites For The Schengen Visa Application

Traveling is a little bit of a daunting task. Therefore, an array of factors should be kept in consideration while making up your mind for the trip. The first and foremost responsibility that lies on the shoulders of travelers is to have a holistic knowledge of the rules of the country they want to travel to. 

Additionally, the visa application requires a particular set of documents that must be presented to the competitive authorities. Following are some of the key documents that must be assured:

Proof Of A Roundtrip Flight Itinerary

When applying for the Schengen area, you need to demonstrate proof of a reserved flight itinerary. You can go an extra mile in the visa application process if you have your ticket reserved from an authentic website. Additionally, Through the flight reservation, you prove to the authorities your exact intention to stay in the country. 

Though the flight reservation can not decide the fate of your visa approval, it at least eases the process for you. With the flight itinerary, you get mental satisfaction ahead of your travel to the Schengen region. The reserved flight specifies the date of your departure, seat number, and the exact details regarding your return. 

Therefore, during the visa application process, confirm you reserve a flight for the Schengen region. Besides other important things, the reserved flight assures the authorities of your intentions.

Where To Get Verifiable Tickets From?

As already mentioned above, it is a difficult task to select a valid website for a flight reservation. Therefore, thoroughly research before opting for any website for travel services. Don’t be misled by fake websites offering tickets for a very small amount. Confirm to get a ticket that is verifiable by the Schengen competent authorities. Additionally, confirm the services offered are cost-effective.

How To Get A Flight Ticket Without Actually Paying For The Ticket?

In the 21st century’s globalized world, travel services providers are within sniffing distance. Simply, for getting any type of travel services, you don’t need to leave your comfort zone. It has become a way easier to access different platforms. If you intend to process your Schengen visa, The Schengen competent authorities require you to demonstrate solid proof of the Reserved flight. 

Therefore, make sure to reserve a verifiable ticket for an authentic airline. Confirm the ticket is reserved from a registered airline. You can opt for a ticket reservation with SFRV Travels. The website’s reliable services and verifiable flight reservations distinguish it from its competitors. Besides, you can get hassle-free services from here. 

Note: All the flight itineraries of SFRV are verifiable and can be confirmed by the airline through a particular reservation code given to the visa applicants.

What Differentiates SFRV Travels From Other Service Providers?

SFRV Travels has an array of distinguishing features that make it the first choice for visa applications. Following are some of the distinguishing features of the SFRV Travels:

Customized Prices

The actual flight booking turns out to be expensive for the visa applicants. Additionally, one has to lose thousands of dollars in case the visa is rejected by the immigration authorities. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should possibly reserve the flight from a verifiable website. Some of the websites, Such as the SFRV Travels, provide special discounts to a group of travelers simultaneously processing their visas.

Provision Of A Unique Verification Code

Reserving online travel services such as roundtrip itineraries, proof of accommodation and travel health insurance is risky for travelers. Therefore, keeping in view the apprehensions of the visa aspirants, SFRV Travels provides a unique verification code. You can verify the authenticity of your ticket by logging on to the airline’s official website and providing the number allotted to you by the SFRV, you will get all the required details about your reservation. 

Best Review Ratings

The SFRV Travels has the best review ratings on the trust pilot. In the same way, The website has garnered praise from the customers and the visa applicants. Its tentative flight reservation and hotel booking are unique and save thousands of visa aspirants from losses. 

Ideal Customers Support Team

Besides other distinguishing features, the SFRV has in place a high chat support team that leaves no stone unturned to help travelers in every possible way. They provide 24/7 services to the visitors and tourists. 

Details Of Accommodation 


One can not expect a memorable journey without having a proper place to stay in a country other than one’s own. Besides, it is also a mandatory element for the Schengen visa application process. Therefore, demonstrate to the concerned authorities the details of your hotel booking or the rental agreement. 

Reserve a hotel from a verifiable service provider. In the same way, it is preferable to reserve a hotel in the middle of the city where you intend to stay. Remember to book a recognizable hotel that has lenient canceling policies. You can obtain accommodation online. However, take care the website is authentic and has experience dealing with travelers, visitors, and backpackers.  

Valid Passport


A valid passport is an important traveling document. It represents you in a foreign land. In the same way with the passport, you can take advantage of consular protection. Make sure your passport fulfills the Schengen area’s criteria. The passport must be recent. It should not be more than 10 years old. Besides, check the passport’s expiration date. 

If it is around the corner, discuss it with the concerned authorities in your home country. Your passport must remain valid for 6 months even beyond your intended stay in the Schengen country. Lastly, the document must have two blank pages for the visa stamps. 

A Visa Application Form

An accurately completed visa application form is a mandatory component of the visa process. Therefore, download it from the website of the embassy you want to visit. Fill it out carefully providing all the key details. It typically contains many parts that must be addressed accordingly. 

It may ask for your name, date of birth, your qualification, and the purpose of your visa. Remember to sign the form at the end. The visa application has a specific fee. Make sure to pay the fee and keep the receipt with you. 

Passport-Sized Identical Photos

The Schengen countries require the visa applicants to provide 2 identical passport-sized photos. Therefore, make sure the photos are in harmony with the Schengen rules. Provide the photos with a white background. Additionally, the photos must not be blurred. 

Avoid any type of accessories that hide your face partially or entirely. The photos must be recent. Make sure the photos are taken in the last 6 months. Lastly, maintain neutral expressions. 

Proof Of Travel Health Insurance Coverage 

Travel health insurance is a mandatory requirement for the visa application process for the Schengen area. Therefore, arrange the insurance for the smooth passage of the visa application process. Schengen countries require the expats to demonstrate proof of insurance coverage from a verifiable company. Therefore make sure the services of a verifiable website have the best reviews. 

Additionally, the travel health coverage must not be at variance with the Schengen health insurance rules. The minimum amount that makes a traveler eligible for the Schengen visa is 30,000 EUR. Once purchased, the amount will be sufficient for the entire journey through the Schengen area. 

Besides, the insurance coverage extends support in times of emergency health situations such as injury, emergency healthcare, and prompt evacuation. Therefore, to remain in a safe zone during unforeseen misery, take advantage of the health insurance policy of a verifiable company.

Cover Letter For The Visa Application Form

Applying For Schengen Visa Without Buying The Actual Airline Ticket

The visa application form is incomplete without a well-written cover letter. It is the only document that reveals the exact intention of your journey. It is a personalized letter that contains important details. 

Make sure your letter is skillfully crafted. Besides providing a brief overview of your travel plans, the cover letter contains other details such as your name, nationality, qualifications, and your plans. 

In the letter, appreciate the opportunity extended by high-ups to explore the country. Demonstrate your commitment to the country’s law and order and the general welfare. 

Preferably, mention love and strong rootedness for the country of your origin.

Additional Requirements For The Visa Applicants For The Schengen Area:

In addition to the above-mentioned mandatory documents, the Schengen authorities can also ask for additional documents depending on the type of visa you want to process. Following are some of the additional documents that need to be guaranteed:

For A Study Visa:

While processing a study visa, make sure to provide proof of your enrollment. The enrollment letters generally contain details about the semesters, fee structures, and other facilities provided by the given institute. Additionally, the study visa application requires a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your previous institute. 

It is advisable to provide the NOC as soon as possible. The students should mandatorily give proof of sustenance to the authorities. The proof of sustenance indicates the applicant’s capacity to fund his or her study along with other expenses. 

For A Business Visa:

Most of the Schengen countries offer unique business opportunities for travelers. To process a business visa, one needs to provide details about the proof of business or any other innovative setup. Additionally, the business letter on the part of the investor increases the chances of the visa approval manifolds. Most importantly, provide proof of transactions made before the visa application. 

Medical Treatment Requirements:

It is a fact universally known that the Schengen countries have the best healthcare system. Consequently, people around the world prefer to be treated in the modern setups. Therefore, for the individuals, it is important to collect an additional set of documents for the medical treatment visa. Confirm the following additional documents:

  • A document of acceptance issued from the Schengen Institute or the healthcare provider.
  •  Proof of the treatment plan issued by the hospital in the Schengen area.
  • A medical report issued by the hospital where you treated your disease in the first place.
  • Evidence of enough financial means proving your capacity to fund your expenses.
  • Proof of payment for the medical treatment.


Traveling is an interesting endeavor provided you fulfill all its important requirements. As far as the travel to the Schengen area is concerned, you need to take particular steps to make your trip awesome. Almost all the Schengen countries require expats to provide a certain set of documents. In the same way, the competent authorities may also ask you for an additional set of documents related to your visa type. 

First and foremost, it is important to book a verifiable flight for visa approval. Furnish proof of accommodation, travel health insurance, and flight tickets from a verifiable website. In the same way, a valid passport, visa application form, and cover letter are other documents that must be ensured. 

The Schengen authorities may also ask for additional documents depending on the visa type. To get a visa approved without any impediment, a visa aspirant should make sure to provide all the required documents. 

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