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Giraffe Manor Kenya – Explore the home of Giraffes

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Giraffe Manor Kenya – Explore the home of Giraffes
giraffe manor

Giraffe Manor Kenya is one of the most visited resorts in Kenya. It is a giraffe theme resort where giraffes are allowed to roam freely. An abode for the best remarkable giraffe sensation. It is a blend of Kenya’s safari experience, hospitality and cultural display. Besides, Kenya has a variety of game reserves as one of the ways to protect certain exposed species of wildlife.

Giraffe Manor Kenya is one of the most visited resorts in Kenya. It is a giraffe theme resort where giraffes are allowed to roam freely. An abode for the best remarkable giraffe sensation. It is a blend of Kenya’s safari experience, hospitality and cultural display. Besides, Kenya has a variety of game reserves as one of the ways to protect certain exposed species of wildlife.

The Giraffe Manor House serves as a beautiful and homely atmosphere for threatened giraffe species in Kenya. It is a conservation centre to protect giraffes in Kenya. Thus, as a way to promote tourism, hospitality and traditional awareness, the resort was established.

giraffe manor kenya

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Why was Giraffe Manor built in Nairobi?

A brief history of the giraffe manor clearly explains why the castle was built and the kind of services you can get. Although, the manor was first designed to provide a safe place for the Rothschild giraffe breed not to go into total extinction.

This was first a farmstead structured by Jock and Betty Melville in the 18th century. Thereafter, developments and further support for the expansion of the reserve were implemented in 1932. Furthermore, the giraffe manor is erected on 140 acres with evergreen forests and trees with rustling leaves.

giraffe manor nairobi kenya

With the need for geographical developments in some regions in Kenya, certain species of wild giraffes living in the regions gradually became extinct. Therefore, the Melvilles looked into reserving some of the species of giraffes to preserve their origins.

giraffe manor

After this happened successfully, wildlife conservation centres in Kenya began to also assist with the needed help to provide space for these beautiful giraffe creatures. Although the first founders of the manor had protection in mind, budgets were also put forward that extended towards successful continuation by breeding the Rothschild giraffe species.

Over the years, the site has also grown to attract tourists all over the world to the only location in the world where you can sleep and wake up next to nature’s reserve and the giraffes.

Who Owns The Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya

Currently, the reserve is owned by Mikey and Tanya Carr-Hartley who bought the manor in 2009. Also, various individuals who have helped in preserving the giraffes at the manor have their records all over the internet plus the giraffes have been named after them too.

Distinguished to Langata in Nairobi, the property houses not just giraffes but the Kenya tradition, beauty, hospitality and wildlife history. All of these make the giraffe manor a great place to visit for school trips, family and romantic summer vacations or tourism.

The precise location of Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Giraffe Manor Nairobi is located at Gogo Falls Road, Lang’ata Nairobi, Kenya. Also, it is one of the famous areas very close to the giraffe centre and Sheldrick wildlife trust which in Kenya, is about 30 minutes away from this property.

How to arrive at Giraffe Manor from major airports in Nairobi, Kenya

There are two major airports in Kenya from where you can access Giraffe Manor House;

Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport– The journey from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to the Giraffe Manor is about 14 miles and will take 30 minutes.

Wilson Airport on the other hand is quite closer and takes about 15 minutes in a journey of 6 miles to get to Giraffe Manor House.

Airport pick-up services offered by Giraffe Manor management are accessible, you can ask to get the provision available ahead of your arrival.

Attractions/ Experience at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe manor is home to about 10 Rothschild giraffes in Kenya that have become the main attractions of the conservation centre. The Manor has various attractions to satisfy your curiosity as a tourist.

First, a look into the amazing giraffe-themed interiors of the buildings and rooms says everything. The walls are nicely painted and have pictures of giraffes, artworks plus fixed spacious windows hung up on them.

giraffe hotel kenya

Also, the hotel services are five-star rated. The rooms have comfortable bed frames, creatively designed with inner chambers that give a view of the early sunrise from your windows. Also, the fresh and neatly arranged space is an ideal place to take the night’s rest after a long tour.

Interestingly, the window openings are designed in a way that gives the giraffes space to stick their long necks in it as a way to receive you to their abode. This has become of the greatest highlights of the resort. One of the wonders of these long-necked creatures is that they are friendly and harmless.

hotel kenya

Also, the furniture, frameworks and dining areas portray the giraffe and spice of romantic settings. Plus, the proximity to giraffes during your stay can be so exciting and you just want to capture every view.

Further, the part where you get to touch and feed giraffes plus learn about their adaptations and way of life is enthralling. You will not want to miss out on every detail of your tour.

Sure that the owners of the giraffe manor had a lot in mind when furnishing the spot for tourists like you. It serves all the best ideas you might want to consider on your travel since it is an all-inclusive lodge.

Best time to visit Giraffe Manor

Considering the climatic conditions of Kenya, you can visit the manor anytime from May to August every year. This gives you the chance to have a real summer experience and enjoy discounted offers on accommodation.

Facilities at Giraffe Manor 

All set to provide you with prized satisfaction and service, the installations at Giraffe manor were designed for you and these include;

  • Airport Pick Up: Pick up rides are available to and from the hotel. Feel free to book the airport shuttle. The resort provides shuttle services.
  • Free Internet access- Wi-Fi: Tourists visiting the giraffe manor have access to free Wifi though out their stay.
  • Outdoor dining areas: It provides an outdoor dining experience to everyone that stayed at the resort.
  • Buffet: It offers buffet services to everyone who stays at the resort.
  • Suites: Beautifully designed suites for the best experience.
  • Parking spaces: Enough parking space if you choose to drive.
  • Beauty and therapeutic spa
  • Swings: 
  • Hot-tub jacuzzi
  • Garden areas for recreation
  • Lounges
  • Bars where alcoholic beverages and drinks are served
  • Travel guides
  • Spacious suites and baths with toiletries and bathrobes

Things to do at Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Once you arrive at Giraffe Manor, you will begin to discover that there are different ways to embrace pleasure at the location. Whatever you have in mind to do, here are some suggestions to complement ;

– Learn about the amazing Rothschild giraffe species

As a great way to discover everything about giraffes beyond fairy tales, your trip to the giraffe manor should be adequately utilised. You sure need to be prepared with different questions and inquiries about the Rothschild species and other endangered wildlife in the region.

Plus, the manor is a fascinating spot for children and nature dreamers to explore and find out a whole lot about Kenya and her traditions.

Have breakfast with the friendly giraffes

Breakfast with the giraffes is one great encounter you should also have at the manor. Here, you can find the long necks of the giraffes hanging at your sides for a cup of tea or food.

This is one good way to discover so much about the feeding habits of the giraffes and many other discoveries you will never find in animal books. Also, you are offered quality breakfast menus while you sit to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere in the breakfast rooms before sunrise.

Great dining adventures

Giraffe Manor delivers remarkable dining. Most times, you get to enjoy breakfast, tea time and lunch with the giraffes at intervals, especially during the day which makes it the most adventurous delight ever.

breakfast at giraffe hotel

Furthermore, the meals are served in three-course styles, with giraffe-carved cutleries and dining tables. A great reminder that you are in the home of giraffes anyway.

Spend a night or two in the elegant mansions with luxurious compartments

The giraffe manor offers a five-star hospitality experience with beautifully designed rooms. It is a 12-room facility with beautifully designed apartments. 

giraffe manor nairpbi kenya

Enjoy a romantic time out or honeymoon in the lovely fire-lit setting

One of the most attractive aspects of visiting the giraffe manor is the opportunity to have great dining sessions. This is made possible at a reserved spot where you can enjoy a fabulous styled dinner with your loved ones, with dimly-lit candles and flowery expressions.

Plus, the meals served are locally made yet top-notch, delicious and stick to your desired choice for the warm evening.

Immerse In the Beautiful Pool

Giraffe manor has a beautiful pool where tourists can swim.

swimming pool at hotel kenya

Get Souvenir From The Gift Shop

You can also get souvenirs from the gift shop. This provides tourists with different artworks, woodwork, fashion pieces, jewellery etc.

gift shop at hotel manor

Relax in the excellent suites created just for you

The 12 luxurious and traditionally inspired chambers at the giraffe manor cater for every desired need. With style, comfort and luxury. There is an apartment that satisfies your need.

inside hotel kenya

 You can also choose your preferred rooms named after the giraffes, either at the main castle or garden cottage while booking ahead in case you demand a specific suite.

Visit nearby tourist attractions such as the Giraffe Center, less than five minutes distance

Very close to the giraffe manor, you have the giraffe centre for sightseeing, where towers of giraffes live. Also, in about a 10-15 minute drive away from the castle, you could see other wildlife habitats and popular nature reserves in Kenya.

Have a coffee time out with the peaceful giraffes

Afternoon moments with the giraffes have been described as an adventure beyond words. Right from when you step out to enjoy the cultural landscape and lawns, sit down to a cup of tea or feed the giraffes.

giraffe experience kenya

Moreover, you can also choose to enjoy the moment to reflect while watching the incredible lifestyles of the giraffes stretching their necks towards you.

Plan a mini birthday or anniversary or celebration event at the villa

The giraffe home in Kenya with the help of personnel provides facilities that plan for mini-events at the manor. Therefore, you can create a list of things you want to do and go on to organise your merry moments at the giraffe manor.

Take adventurous pictures 

Since beautiful memories can not be ignored, you can also take lovely pictures at almost every spot in the manor. Yes, picture taking is allowed, so you have every chance to capture the different awesome moments at Giraffe Manor Nairobi Kenya.

Unwind and enjoy your stay with the recreation facilities

Different facilities have been designed to give you the homely vibes and a tourist’s feel at the giraffe manor. Therefore, you should make use of the openings. Relax, take deep breaths, walk along the gardens, enjoy various meals and drinks, unwind and create your individual or collective memories.

giraffe safari

Giraffe Manor Cost 

In a recent 2022 report, you need $1000 per adult to stay at the giraffe manor. While two adults can share a spacious room at the manor for $1,930 and about $875 for children- 15 years and below.

Also, the villa accommodates infants aged 2 and below for free while teenagers from 16years and above get to pay the same charges as adults. Moreover, asides from housing, the bills include charges for feeding and use of amenities on the site.

Overall rating of Giraffe Manor

Overall, the experience at Giraffe Manor is a great one with a proper welcome and tour guide to give you a better experience. Also, the atmosphere is relaxing for perfect getaways and reflection.

One of the great things about Giraffe Manor Kenya is that it allows you to learn about giraffes and have a closer feeling and relationship with them. This is almost every animal lover’s dream, and just like pet dogs and cats, you get to discover so much about the Rothschild giraffe species from a deeper craving for acceptance.

Furthermore, the excellent and quality services provided for you in a clean environment, despite the presence of animals are worth the plan and money. Giraffe Manor gives you a family bonding avenue with extra servings of comfort and indulgence.

Travel tips for your visit to Giraffe manor house

These are the best travel tips if you plan to visit the giraffe manor. 

– Book your trip at least 6 months to 1 year in advance. It could be a bit longer than that, but this is because of the popularity of this region for tourism and the lack of available spaces during summer.

– Also, to get your desired rooms, do well to confirm all services you have requested before travelling.

– You can do well to pack light and beautiful travel wears, sunglasses, sun hats and comfortable sandals or slides.

Nearby tourist Attractions Close to the giraffe manor in Kenya

Since the manor holds a lot of memories, you can as well decide to go on a ride and explore other safari destinations in Kenya.

The destinations close to the giraffe manor are;

  • Giraffe Centre, Kenya
  • Mount Kenya, Nairobi
  • Sheldrick Elephant Home
  • Nairobi National Park
  • Bomas of Kenya
  • Amboseli National Park, Nairobi Kenya

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