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Hailey Bieber’s Nail Artist Dropped the Perfect Subtle French Tips Tutorial

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Hailey Bieber’s Nail Artist Dropped the Perfect Subtle French Tips Tutorial

Hailey Bieber‘s nails are always a hot topic of conversation amongst beauty fans. Whether she’s going full glazed donut with a shimmery finish or sporting sweet little cherries, if Bieber is wearing it, we’re listening. Now, her go-to manicurist, Zola Ganzorigt, is sharing the secrets behind one of Bieber’s best recent manis, a subtle French tip she wore during the holiday season. Thankfully, it’s not a festive mani but rather one you can wear all year round.

First, Ganzorigt paints each nail with a super pale pink, so light it basically blends right into the nail itself. She then paints the tip with a creamy white — not a stark white like you usually associate with a French manicure, but a warmer, softer hue. Once the polish is dry, she applies a thin coat of chrome powder for shine and shimmer, then painstakingly applies a teeny tiny gold bow to the ring finger for a little touch of whimsy.

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While she didn’t in the video, Ganzorigt shared the exact products she used to bring Bieber’s holiday nail look to life in the comments section, and they are a long-time fave of nail enthusiasts. Replying to a commenter, Ganzorigt revealed she used OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath for the base and just one layer of the brand’s soft white Funny Bunny polish for the subtle French tip, which you can buy as traditional lacquer, strengthening lacquer, as well as long-wear extra shine lacquers on both Amazon and ULTA.


Infinite Shine Gel-Like Long-Wear Lacquer, Bubble Bath


Infinite Shine Gel-Like Long-Wear Lacquer, Funny Bunny

Courtesy of Instagram.

While Ganzorigt did not share which product she used for the added shine, we know she frequently uses the pro-only OPI Chrome Effects Powder in Tin Man Can on Hailey Bieber; it’s the hero product behind her now-iconic glazed donut nails, and your local nail salon should have something similar.

As for the bow, Bieber’s love of the accessory is well-documented. Not only did she name one of the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatments Ribbon after ballet shoes, she also got a teeny tiny bow tattoo on her hand at the end of 2023. The tattoo is optional, but the manicure will definitely be a mainstay in our routine this season.

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