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HGTV Stars Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Want Casual Wedding

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HGTV Stars Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Want Casual Wedding
Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas


Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of HGTV’s “Bargain Block”

After 10 years together, including five years since getting engaged, HGTV stars Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas say they continue to be so busy renovating run-down homes for their hit show, “Bargain Block,” as well as updating their new vacation house, that they still haven’t made concrete plans for a wedding.

In fact, in an interview with Pride published on October 10, 2023, Bynum and Thomas admitted that they got so engrossed in updating their new getaway in northern Michigan that they didn’t do much to mark their 10th anniversary together.

“We literally just wrapped season three just a couple days ago,” Thomas said. “We missed our 10-year, technically! Our life is insane.”

But that doesn’t mean they haven’t given any thought to what their nuptials will be like once they get a moment to breathe, revealing that they’re aiming for a low-key affair.

Here’s what you need to know:

HGTV’s Evan Thomas Says He & Keith Bynum Already ‘Feel Like We’re Married’

Bynum and Thomas moved from Denver to Detroit in 2017, according to People, with a goal of purchasing and restoring cheap, run-down houses in the city, giving first-time homebuyers affordable gems and bringing old neighborhoods back to life.

“I really try to make sure each house is as unique as it possibly can be, by building up the design and all the things that kind of make a house a home,” Bynum, a designer and artist, told local station WXYZ in 2021, just as the couple’s HGTV show was set to debut.

At first, they operated with very little money, sleeping on the floors of the homes they were renovating. But eventually HGTV came calling and it changed their lives.

Just two years later, “Bargain Block” is one of the network’s top-rated shows, according to USTVDB, and Bynum and Thomas are legitimate stars on the network, frequently appearing on special series like “Rock the Block” and “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.” On October 10, Bynum revealed in his Instagram Stories that they were jetting “off to an adventure” again with the little dog, Bella, in tow.

But that kind of whirlwind schedule has kept the duo from planning an official wedding. They don’t feel a pressing need to make it happen or any interest in spending a bunch of money on it, they told Pride.

“(We) get busy with our jobs and our work,” Thomas said. “It feels like we’re married, so it’s not something I’m constantly thinking of. If we were to get married, I refuse to spend money on it.”

Bynum seems to have thought a bit more about their possible nuptials, mentioning Beaver Island — Lake Michigan’s largest island, with a year-round population of 600 — as a possible wedding site.

“I think Beaver Island would be a lovely place to go have a wedding, but I just never dreamt of the wedding,” he said. “I just wanted to be with my tall, dark, handsome man. It’s going to be bare bones, but that’s just how we are.”

Keith Bynum & Evan Thomas Think of New Vacation Home as Their 10th Anniversary Gift

Bynum and Thomas were back in Colorado on their 10th anniversary in July, possibly filming with HGTV given that other network stars like Ty Pennington, Alison Victoria, Kim Wolfe and Chelsea and Cole DeBoer spent part of July and August filming a secret show in the town of Breckenridge.

While in Colorado, the couple took time to hike in the mountains and visit the first house they renovated together. Bynum posted an Instagram photo with Thomas and acknowledged their anniversary.

He wrote, “10 years!! Can’t believe it sometimes. I can’t wait for another ten. Celebrating in our favorite place has been awesome too”

On August 31, Bynum revealed via Instagram that he and Thomas had purchased an “up north place” in northern Michigan where they can getaway for weekends in nature. Days later, they shared snapshots and videos from their first Labor Day weekend spent up north with friends, including group selfies on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Bynum told Pride that he felt like purchasing their new property was the perfect 10th anniversary gift to each other.

“To me, that was our ten-year purchase,” he said. “It is a nice thing to have some place to be off the grid. We need that reconnection time.”

They’ll be reconnecting while renovating for the foreseeable future, Bynum admitted.

He explained, “I can’t not buy a fixer! It has to be that. It is going to get a full gut job. It’s going to be literally stunning.”

The couple also has been renovating a home they bought for themselves in Detroit. On September 10, Bynum gave his Instagram followers a “behind-the-scenes tour of the mess that we’re living in currently.” With The Nationals’ song “Humiliation” playing, he shared video of their house in disarray after installing an addition, with paint cans, ladders, tools and random furniture strewn about while workers tended to various construction projects.

But just over a week later, he shared the results with before and after photos, including a new photo of him and Thomas on their new back deck with a view of the addition.

Bynum happily wrote, “So proud of this project!! Took four months but it was so worth it!!!!! We have a deck!!”

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