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Holafly Europe eSIM: Unlimited Data For Travelers | 2023

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Holafly Europe eSIM: Unlimited Data For Travelers | 2023

Traveling to Europe soon? Looking for the best way to stay connected while traveling in European countries?

Look no further than Holafly eSIM Europe! Holafly is a legit eSIM provider that offers fast and reliable service around the world, allowing you to stay connected while traveling.

With an Holafly European plan, you’ll get unlimited data during your trip.

Whether you’re planning a long trip or just looking for a way to stay connected on your holidays, Holafly offers the best unlimited data plans in Europe.

In this guide, we’ll talk about eSIMs, and how you can get prepaid data plans for Europe via Holafly.

Holafly esim europe

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM is basically a virtual SIM card.

There is no need to find a shop to buy a SIM card in person – you only need to scan a QR code to install your eSIM.

This makes it easier because you can access the Internet faster whenever you enter a new country in Europe.

This is great news for travelers, backpackers and digital nomads in Europe who love exploring new destinations.

Advantages Of Using An eSIM

eSIMs are becoming more and more popular. In fact, they are becoming so popular that even mobile phone companies are beginning to offer them as part of their packages.

That’s not all. iPhones recently launched their new phones, and they removed the physical SIM slot altogether – which means that if you want to use a SIM card, you need an eSIM.

Here are some great reasons why you should consider using an eSIM for your upcoming trip Europe:

  • They are more convenient than physical SIM cards – You don’t have to worry about losing your physical SIM card. And you don’t have to worry about buying a new one every time you enter a different country. If you visit multiple countries in Europe, an eSIM will save you a lot of time.
  • They are cheaper – eSIMs are usually more affordable than traditional physical SIM cards.
  • They are eco-friendly – eSIMs don’t require any plastic or other materials to be manufactured, which is better for the environment.
  • They are easy to install – With an eSIM, all you have to do is scan a QR code and you’ll be able to access the internet in no time.

There’s one thing to remember, though – not all devices are compatible with eSIM technology.

What Devices Support eSIM?

Most new phones support eSIM technology.

Some compatible devices include all the iPhone 11 and newer models, Samsung 20 and newer models, and Google Pixel 3 and newer models.

Before you purchase an eSIM, you must ensure your phone is compatible with eSIM.

Once you know your phone is compatible, you can purchase an Holafly eSIM.

What Is Holafly?

Holafly is a European company built by travelers offering plans in more than 120 countries and regions around the world, Europe included.

It’s simple: pick a local or regional eSIM plan where you’re about to travel. (For example, choosing the European plan is a better option if you plan to visit France, Italy, and Spain.)

Select a plan that suits your needs, and get access to data when you land.

Let’s dive deeper to see how Holafly works.

Holafly esim provider

Buying And Installing An Holafly eSIM For Europe

Holafly offers unlimited data plans in Europe, which is perfect for travelers, backpackers and digital nomads.

Follow the steps below to purchase your Europe Holafly eSIM:

  1. Go to Holafly.
  2. Choose a data plan in Europe that suits your needs.
  3. Click on Add to cart.
  4. Click on Checkout.
  5. Enter our discount code and get 5% off: ABROKENBACKPACK.
  6. Make the payment.
  7. Go to your emails. (You’ll receive two emails: one with your receipt and one with the eSIM.)
  8. Scan the QR code to install your eSIM.
  9. Follow the instructions.

I currently have the Pixel 7, which is compatible with Holafly. I recently purchased an eSIM card via Holafly. It was pretty easy to install.

Here are the steps I needed to follow to install and activate my Holafly eSIM on my Google Pixel:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to SIMS.
  3. Click on Add More.
  4. Click on Download an eSIM instead.
  5. Scan the QR code.
  6. Download the eSIM.
  7. Activate the eSIM.
  8. Choose which SIM card to use for data.
  9. Turn on Data Roaming.

Holafly eSIM Europe Review

Holafly allows you to enjoy data in over 32 European countries – and the best part is that you don’t even need to buy a physical SIM card!

I found the process of purchasing and installing my eSIM to be pretty easy. It only took me a few minutes to set up everything, and I was browsing the internet in no time!

Holafly eSIM plans allow you to connect to the best networks in Europe, and you can expect fast speed (3G, 4G, or LTE depending on the country you’re in).

I’ve tried Holafly European plan and it worked fine. I was able to connect to the Internet in just a few minutes.

Let’s have a look at the plans available on Holafly in Europe.

Woman with phone in Italy

Holafly Europe eSIM Plans

Currently, Holafly offers 7 unlimited prepaid data plans in Europe:

  • Unlimited data, valid for 5 days for $19
  • Unlimited data, valid for 7 days for $27
  • Unlimited data, valid for 10 days for $34
  • Unlimited data, valid for 15 days for $47
  • Unlimited data, valid for 20 days for $54
  • Unlimited data, valid for 30 days for $64
  • Unlimited data, valid for 60 days for $84

Holafly is one of the rare eSIM providers that offer unlimited Internet in Europe. That’s great news for travelers, especially if you’re a heavy user!

Holafly Europe Benefits

There are several reasons why an eSIM is better than a physical SIM.

It’s simple; as a tourist, you won’t want to waste time trying to find a SIM card on arrival, especially if you plan to visit multiple countries.

Holafly eSIMs offer a great solution for tourists since they are not bound to long-term plans. You can get your data plan and start using it instantly.

Need help translating the local language? No worries! Trying to find your way to the hotel? No problem!

An eSIM is handy because you always have access to data when needed.

Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal

How Much Internet Is Needed To Travel In Europe?

The amount of data you need depends on several things, such as the type of applications you use and the length of your stay.

If you plan to stream videos or upload photos daily, you’ll need more data than someone who will only use their device for navigation or occasional Whatsapp messages.

It’s difficult to make a general recommendation since everyone has different needs.

However, this isn’t an issue with Holafly because you can get an unlimited data plan for as many days as you need. That’s extremely convenient, especially if you’re a heavy user.

Final Thoughts On Holafly Europe

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable way to get prepaid data in Europe, Holafly’s unlimited eSIM plans are the perfect solution.

You can sign up for a plan in just a few minutes and start using data without the hassle of buying a physical SIM card every time you enter a new European country.

You’ll be able to access the best networks in Europe at high speed.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Holafly eSIM now and start exploring Europe!

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