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Houston police tips for safe shopping this holiday season

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Houston police tips for safe shopping this holiday season

While you might be out searching for the ideal presents, intruders are out as well, looking for things to steal.

HOUSTON — The vacation season is in full swing and Houston law enforcement want to make certain you get all your searching finished securely this year.

Though you might be out wanting for the great items, thieves are out much too, wanting for stuff to steal.

Tracy Hicks, a sergeant with the Houston Law enforcement Division, claimed thieves are more energetic this yr. He claimed conditions of juggings are on the increase. The Automobile Theft Crimes Endeavor Force considers jugging to be any criminal offense involving stolen items when a person was followed.

“It’s not just banks, not just check out cashing sites – it is typical citizens buying substantial ticket things,” Hicks reported. “The bags, the jewelry, telephones, this is wherever the superior greenback merchandise are.”

In August 2021, there have been 58 claimed juggings, according to HPD stats. In August 2022, that number was up to 108. The figures for September and Oct came down a bit, but were still increased than the past calendar year.

In the meantime, noted catalytic converter thefts are essentially down.

“What we attribute that to is the rate of the metals, the metal value is just plummeted what it was a yr and a fifty percent in the past,” Hicks reported.

Hicks believes the men and women who would be thieving catalytic converters are alternatively looking for opportunity jugging victims.

“It surely is the exact same crooks,” he explained.

So, what can you do to keep away from getting to be a sufferer?

“They are searching for the persons who are distracted,” Hicks explained. “The persons who have as well much in their fingers, the men and women that are speaking on their phones, the people today that could possibly have modest little ones.” 

And if you believe you’re currently being adopted, Hicks states to make 3 suitable turns or a few left turns in a row. If the man or woman is continue to powering you, call police. 

Another suggestion, do your searching for stocking stuffers and cheaper products initially.

“Your substantial ticket item, that specific merchandise you are going to acquire for junior – you are going to go get him a Playstation 5 or you are purchasing the spouse a purse, get that previous and then go straight household,” Hicks said.

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