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How To Plan a Sustainable + Ethical African Safari

9 min read
How To Plan a Sustainable + Ethical African Safari

How good would it feel to make a positive impact on your next safari? In a world where people are becoming more conscious of the footprint they tread as well as the footprint they leave behind, it’s becoming increasingly popular for travelers to choose a safari where they can combine making an impact as well as having an amazing adventure.

Ethical means ‘doing good’ or ‘morally correct’. Ethical safaris are a step further than the traditional safaris that we know.

Safaris in Africa have an advantage as they are situated on a continent that is brimming with wild animals, wild habitats, environments as well as cultured local communities, all of which need support and backing to thrive. This is where you come in!

It’s relatively simple to choose to book an ethical safari. But do you know the crucial ‘do’s and don’ts’ to be more ethically responsible on your next African safari?

How To Plan a Sustainable + Ethical African Safari
Giraffe on an ethical African safari

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