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How to Secure Cheap Car Parking Lots in One of the Most Expensive US States: NY

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How to Secure Cheap Car Parking Lots in One of the Most Expensive US States: NY

New York, with a population of over 8.4 million as per 2021’s last census, is one of the most traveled and busiest states in the U.S., and for a good reason. From a thriving business world to a tech hub and from a vibrant nightlife scene to a prestigious educational center, there is almost no need that N.Y. cannot meet for any individual.  

However, the tremendous advantages and opportunities come with a price, which is often translated into high car parking costs. Not many states can exclaim that they encompass some of the priciest vehicle parking lots, as N.Y. does.


Whether you find yourself in N.Y. for personal, professional, or recreational purposes, the reality is that deciding where to leave your vehicle unattended while you’re engaged in your activities is a primary concern.

To make your life easier, we’ve curated the most vital pointers and insights to assist you in finding an ideal parking location and cheap car parking lots, sparing you the effort of sifting through endless alternatives, so let’s check them out!

Should You Head to Manhattan, You Need to Prepare for the Highest Costs

Manhattan, New York City’s administrative and economic hub with a population of around 1.629 million as per the last 2020 census, currently stands as the nation’s leader in terms of the most expensive car parking fees. Manhattan parking has gotten out of control this year, seeing the lots’ prices exceed $443.51, the cheapest monthly subscription in the locale.

Being such a highly populated destination that sees millions of airplane departures yearly, it stands to reason that airport car parking prices are not the cheapest.

For instance, John F. Kennedy International Airport is the most trafficked airport in New York, being the primary international one in NYC. The distance between Manhattan and JFK airport is about 32 kilometers or 20 miles, usually taking a maximum of two hours by car. However, the general time differs depending on the transportation means used, so it’s essential to check beforehand all the stops and the traffic flow if you know you’re under time pressure to arrive at the airport.

In light of the increasing airport parking fees and heightened traffic, it’s safe to say that one of the best ways to secure a good deal is to look through the deals offered at JFK parking in advance and book the spot you find the most convenient.

Manhattan tops the list of the nation’s costliest parking spots, so prepare to spend a few extra bucks compared to other neighborhoods.

Streets – the Cheapest (But Not the Freest) Place to Park Your Car

Finding parking on the bustling streets of N.Y., whether in Brooklyn, Bronx, or Staten Island, is not the most effortless endeavor given the thousands of cars that overcrowd the neighbors. N.Y. stands as one of the most populous states in the U.S., and the hunt for a free parking spot never ceases, especially if you’re seeking it during the day.

However, those equipped with unimaginable amounts of patience as well as no place to rush to can resort to the budget-friendly option of leaving their automobiles on the side of the road, where the law permits, and the area is safe.

These two aspects are never forgotten because NYC takes the lead as the nation’s most ticketed country. To ensure illegal parking is eradicated, and everything is under control, the N.Y. State Department of Transportation diligently monitors the streets and sanctions drivers for leaving their cars unattended in forbidden spots.

If you’re the type of driver who is always on the lookout for the best deals in places like the Boston Logan airport parking or the city center’s surroundings, finding on-the-street spots can save you a reasonable $2-$3 per hour. However, compromising to risk being sanctioned for illegal parking will cost you significantly more than you succeed in saving, so it’s essential to make your calculations in advance.

Consider Using Parking Apps

Almost all the most prominent parking services in N.Y. have developed and offered users an app to help them find affordable parking spots at low rates and pre-book those suitable for them. Access to this type of service allows you to understand better the parking lot’s configuration, fees, requirements, and other aspects you may find confusing.

Furthermore, most of them are highly intuitive, so you can download them on the mobile devices of your dear ones if you’re not sure you can guide them through the process when they need a helping hand. Similar platforms can offer other advantages like comparing prices, finding available spots, and reading reviews from previous car parking users.

Parking apps are mostly free to download and use and are protective of your sensitive data, so considering them might take you a step further in your parking hunting game in N.Y.

Or Check Out Parking Garages

What better place to leave your car than a construction originally intended for this exact purpose? Garages are primarily created to shelter cars on undefined periods, securing them from harsh weather conditions that the streets can’t protect them from or vandalism acts that are unfortunately not unfamiliar to N.Y. drivers.

car parking garage

However, because garages are often costly, there’s a misconception that one cannot use an N.Y. parking garage without spending trucks of money on them. The truth is that there are a lot of options in this regard, and you’re not obliged to take a deal you’re not comfortable with. The extensive variety and wide selection allow you to explore alternatives until you find one that suits your needs and budget requirements.

Parking garages come with many supplementary conveniences that offer you peace of mind that is beyond measure. From contactless parking to zero waiting time for lots to be freed, a parking garage provides several convincing arguments for being your primary choice, especially if you optimize your time, enhance your parking convenience, or ensure your car’s safety. 


Whatever choice you make regarding your car parking spot while you’re in NY, make sure to take advantage of the informational resources available and don’t jump on the first option if you don’t sit well with it. When it comes to parking spots, there are only as many as cars.

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