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Is the Stanley Quencher Worth the Hype? My Honest Thoughts

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Is the Stanley Quencher Worth the Hype? My Honest Thoughts

You’ve probably seen it on social media, your local yoga class, and on the shelves at REI – the Stanley Quencher.

It comes in many different colors and promises to keep drinks cold all day long. But is it worth the money? I bought it to find out.

Why Buy Stanley?

First and foremost, I’m a Stanley fan and was introduced to the brand through their coffee line. They reached out to me for a collaboration and sent me a bunch of products to try, but it was my choice to purchase the Quencher with my own money this year.

The stainless steel, double-wall vacuum insulation helps drinks stay cold for up to TWO DAYS iced, 11 hours cold, and 7 hours hot. We use it to keep my son’s milk cold on road trips, and it’s always in my carry-on so I can avoid plastic while flying.

Although their pour over set and french press were initially in my camp gear, I now use the french press daily for my AM coffee for the same reason – it keeps my coffee hot for four hours!

Why the Quencher?

Part of the draw is the appeal of the quencher is drinking more water throughout the day. Personally, when my water goes lukewarm on a hot day, I’m much less interested in drinking it. If it’s still cold and actually refreshing, though, I’ll keep going back to it.

It’s great for keeping herbal tea cold, too. One of my summertime favorites is iced mint tea which somehow feels extra cooling.

There are several sizes of Quenchers and all of them are 8/8 stainless steel, BPA-free. It’s even made from 90% recycled steel. Not only that, but they come with a lifetime warranty. I love a quality product that helps keep cheap, easily breakable items out of landfills. When you buy this, you have it for life. Here are a few more specs:

  • Grippable ergonomic silicone finish
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Straw opening designed to resist spills
  • rotating cover with three versatile positions
  • Fits in a car cup holder (!!!)
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors.

There are several different styles and finishes. There’s the Quencher H2.0 in Soft Matte which comes in lilac, shale green, dune white, and a darker grey ‘storm’ and holds 40oz. If you want more design, the deco collection has a cool design and comes in blush and black as well.

They also come in different sizes from 30oz to 20oz, which comes in SO MANY colors.

I opted for the Ice Flow Flip Straw Tumbler since I use my water bottle to travel, and if it ends up under the seat in front of me, I want to be able to tuck the straw in. I also appreciate that when it’s on its side, it still won’t spill. I can’t say the same for similar straw water bottles I have.

Does the Quencher Actually Keep Drinks Cold?

The main draw of the quencher is, of course, to keep your drink the temperature that you want it.

YES it works. Even in the hot Lake Tahoe summertime, it keeps my ice water or iced coffee cold. I even tested it all day long in 100 degree heat in Namibia and Botswana on my women’s adventure tour and it still worked.

Their products do a great job of keeping things hot, if that’s your desire, as well. For that I recommend the Legendary Bottle, which can keep drinks hot for up to 18 hours. They also make a portable french press, which I’m very much eyeing for my next trip.

Final Thoughts on the Stanley Quencher

It’s gotten trendy on social media for a reason – it’s so much nicer than any cheap thing off of Amazon, and it’ll actually last. Since Stanley has been around since 1913, you can trust that the lifetime warranty is actually legitimate.

Although I initially came into the Stanley hype in a reverse fashion by being asked to review and share their coffee products on my Instagram, the fact that I am still using them years later and chose to buy the Quencher speaks volumes. They make a quality product and I, for one, don’t wish to spend money more than once on a water bottle (or a suitcase, or a backpack).

It’s worth buying, and makes a great gift.

Get one here!

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