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Is Walmart Open Christmas Day & Eve 2022? [HOLIDAY HOURS]

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Is Walmart Open Christmas Day & Eve 2022? [HOLIDAY HOURS]
Is Walmart Open Christmas Day & Eve 2022? [HOLIDAY HOURS]


Is Walmart open Christmas Eve and Day 2022? What are the holiday hours?

Is Walmart open or closed on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve 2022? What are the holiday hours for Walmart in 2022?

Walmart stores are closed on Christmas Day. They are generally operating with reduced hours, closing between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., on Christmas Eve.

Find the Walmart store locator here. This allows you to look up a specific Walmart near you. You can search by zip code. The hours that each Walmart store are open are typically listed at that website. It’s always a good idea to check individual store locations because sometimes hours can vary, however. Furthermore, Heavy discovered by calling Walmart stores that many are closed early on Christmas Eve – earlier than the store locator indicates – so the website appears to reflect typical hours, not holiday hours.

The stores that Heavy called close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve 2022 and are closed on Christmas Day 2022. Indeed, Axios reports that most Walmart stores close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. AI.com reports that some locations may close at 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, though. That’s why it’s important to call the phone numbers through the store locator. Either way, Walmart stores throughout the country are operating on reduced hours for Christmas Eve.

Walmart stores are closed on Christmas Day, Axios also reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

Walmart Is Not Open on Christmas Day

walmart Labor Day


It was true in the past, and it’s true again. Walmart stores are not open Christmas Day 2022. According to AI.com, Walmart stores open their doors again at 6 a.m. on December 6, 2022.

Some Other Chains Are Open on Christmas Day, But Others Are Not

olive garden christmas day

GettyWhat are Olive Garden’s holiday hours?

What about other major chains? Are they open or closed? If you’re out of luck at Walmart, might you be able to go to a different store or restaurant for whatevr you need?

What about Kwik Trip?

Kwik Trip’s store locator can be found here. Some Kwik Trips are open 24 hours both Christmas Day and Christmas Eve and others are closed for part of the day on Christmas Day.

Essentially, the hours vary by location, so the best bet is to use the store locator and call your local Kwik Trip to find out. The store locator does provide phone numbers, and you can search for your local Kwik Trip by zip code.

Kwik Trip also offers a Christmas prize sweepstakes on its website.

Starbucks hours vary by location, according to its website.

“This holiday season, Starbucks store hours vary by location and stores may occasionally adjust their hours based on business and customer needs. We recommend customers look for specific store hours using the Starbucks® app or by visiting our website store locator.”

Some restaurants are open on Christmas Day. McDonald’s, for example.

“Hours vary by location, but most McDonald’s in the U.S. are open on holidays, and consumers can use the store locator tool to confirm,” the PR person for McDonald’s chain told Heavy in an email. Find the store locator for McDonald’s here.

“Olive Garden is open until 8 pm Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day,” a statement from Olive Garden’s public relations office said.

You can find Olive Garden locations here. Olive Garden does have pick-up and delivery options.

Other national chains have similar approaches. For example, Walgreens is open on regular hours on Christmas Eve. “Walgreens will be open during regular business hours. Pharmacy hours vary by location, customers may check their local pharmacy hours using our store locator. All 24-hour locations will remain open 24 hours,” that chain’s PR office told Heavy.

As for Christmas Day? “Most Walgreens stores will be open with adjusted operating hours from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. 24-hour Walgreens locations and 24-hour pharmacies will continue to remain open. Customers can check their local store hours using our store locator.”

Target is not open on Christmas Day but is open on Christmas Eve. Find Target’s holiday hours here.

However, other chains, like Chick-fil-A are closed on Christmas Day 2022. The restaurants are open on Christmas Eve 2022.

Looking for Last-Minute Christmas 2022 Shopping Ideas?


GettyA pedestrian passes a Target store in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington, DC.

Heavy has rounded up a number of Christmas shopping guides that you might find useful when trying to get last-minute Christmas gifts. You can find Heavy’s shopping guides here.

In addition to lists of gifts, some of Heavy’s shopping guides include tips for things like holiday hairdos. In this shopping guide, Heavy rounds up the 101 best gifts for seniors over the holidays. This guide rounds up the hottest gifts for Christmas 2022. This guide provides the best luxury gifts under $50 for Christmas. This guide has some gift ideas for your daughter-in-law.

What about making a Christmas Eve box? This is an idea taking on popularity around the world, where you fill a box with smaller items for loved ones. Here is a guide on how to do that and what to put in it. Here’s a list of affordable Christmas gifts for under $20 because inflation is causing almost everything to tighten their budgets this years.

CNet has rounded up a list of last-minute impulse buys at Target for those needing Christmas 2022 gifts. The list contains everything from an electric popcorn maker to toys.

Maybe you just want to settle in and watch a Christmas movie this holiday? Here’s a story about the first Hallmark Christmas movie of 2023.

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