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Joburg To Cape Town And Back? Use the Travelstart App

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Joburg To Cape Town And Back? Use the Travelstart App

The Travelstart app lets you make all your bookings on the go, and even same-day bookings so you can book when you’re Ubering your way to the airport, making it ideal for business and last-minute travellers.

Our app can store multiple credit cards allowing you to effortlessly separate personal bookings from business ones. It also allows you to store multiple passenger details so you don’t need to look those up each time you book for a colleague or family member.

How to use the Travelstart App

  • Sign in with your Travelstart account or social media, or you can stay anonymous and input your information when you complete your booking.
  • You can filter by price or departure time, and save your payment and passenger(s) details to make a booking almost instantly!
  • Choose between one-way and return trips, and select economy or business class.
  • Review the itinerary, the total price, and the passengers and pick one of the saved credit cards, or just check out with a once-off payment.
  • See your booking number on the confirmation page and receive your e-ticket via email shortly afterwards.

“It’s completely secure and makes the checkout process astonishingly fast,” – Sergio Mello, The Travelstart App Design Lead

Download the Travelstart app today by visiting the Play Store (for Android) or Apple App Store (for iOS).


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