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Meet Our Sri Lankan Guide Chaminda D

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Meet Our Sri Lankan Guide Chaminda D

The amazing Chaminda Dammika shares his personal story, why he loves what he does, and tips on traveling in Sri Lanka.

Wherever you travel with us, our dedicated team members care for you every step of the way. They come from various backgrounds, and armed with their personal experiences and in-depth knowledge, they help you uncover the heart and soul of each destination.

Chaminda Dammika is one such invaluable member of our team. He has been an integral part of our panel of expert guides in Sri Lanka for the past eight years. Chaminda loves sharing his deep knowledge of his homeland with our guests, and helping them make memories to last a lifetime. Below, he shares his life’s journey with us, and his top tips for traveling in Sri Lanka.

Meet Chaminda Dammika, Our Expert Sri Lankan Guide

Where or how did you grow up and what brought you into the travel industry?

I grew up in Maharagama, on the outskirts of Colombo. My father was a truck driver and my mother was a seamstress in a garment factory, which is where they met. My parents worked very hard to take care of my sister and I. When they are older, I want to do the same and take good care of my parents. I did my GCSEs and then studied IT. I got married at 24, and with my father-in-law’s support, I decided to go to Vancouver to continue with IT. But after a month, I had an accident and injured my back. At that time I decided to return home to Sri Lanka and my family. I started my own clothing export business, which helped me develop a large network of foreign contacts.

When the civil war ended in Sri Lanka, in 2009, I bought a car and started an official government training course for chauffeur-guides. I qualified in 2011, and have been working as a chauffeur-guide ever since.

What has kept you working with us for so long?

I have been a guide for Enchanting Travels since 2015. I always try to do my job to the very best of my ability, and I feel that is rewarded and recognized by ET. My first guests from ET were a German couple, who were lovely people. They really enjoyed their tour, and were kind enough to share some great feedback, which spurred me on. It’s been a pleasure to continue working with Enchanting Travels ever since.

Chaminda was very professional and so helpful. He was an excellent guide for us in Sri Lanka

Bonnie Mount, Enchanting Travels guest

Any favorite guest or trip stories?

A funny story comes to mind, and it involves a little misunderstanding. I had two very kind German clients, who were booked to see a cultural show in Kandy. I explained that it involved a dance. My guests thought that they would be dancing along with the performers, and got dressed up for the performance as if they were going to a ball. We all laughed when we realized there had been a miscommunication, but they kept their fine outfits on and were the best dressed visitors in the whole place! In fact, they got many compliments from the locals.

What is your favorite part of the job? Tell us about what motivates you.

I love that I can share my heritage and the Sri Lankan way of life with my guests. It is a real pleasure to share my country with visitors from around the world. We often have very full programs, which can mean long days, but with limited time to explore for some guests, I make sure they get a real taste of my home!

What part of your country or culture do you most enjoy sharing with guests?

The southeastern dry zone is my favorite area of the country. The people there are mostly farmers who work very hard and have a wonderful attitude. They live in a traditional way, and are very welcoming and warm. They may have few material things but they live a happy, fulfilling life. I always recommend this region so that our guests can experience a truly amazing part of Sri Lanka.

Chaminda D Sri Lanka

Chaminda Dammika

Top three travel tips from our Sri Lankan guide

What are your top tips for Sri Lanka travel?

I would recommend visitors to prepare themselves and read up before they come, so they can use their time well. Things like distances can seem short on Google, but may take longer than expected. It’s good to have the experts at Enchanting Travels to guide guests on these aspects. And if you can, take your time. Sri Lanka may look small on the map, but it is actually a large, diverse country, so take some time to explore and enjoy it.

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