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More than 300 flights canceled at Detroit Metro Airport

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More than 300 flights canceled at Detroit Metro Airport

(CBS DETROIT) – As many people travel to see loved ones for the holiday, hundreds of flights at Detroit Metro Airport are canceled.

Some people at Detroit Metro are rolling more than their bags, but lugging around the worry if they’ll make it home for Christmas.

“We can’t cancel Christmas. I came from Atlanta so I’m going to have Christmas in Saginaw one way or the other,” passenger Ebony Ford said.

According to Flight Aware’s website, as of Friday evening more than 300 flights are canceled at Detroit Metro. Ford’s flight is one of them.

“There are no Saginaw flights until tomorrow,” she said.

Thursday night, she landed in Detroit after coming from Atlanta. That flight was on time, but her flight from Detroit to Saginaw was when her worry if she’ll make it home for Christmas set in.

“We were circling around Saginaw and they told us Saginaw was shut down. We had to come back to Detroit and they had canceled the flight after. I had stayed here in the airport all night long because there were no hotels available because the weather’s bad,” Ford said.

With no flights to Saginaw until Christmas Eve night, Ford said her loved ones are on their way.

“My sister and mother are driving in this weather to come get me,” she said.

Other passengers like John Etling said it was smooth flying and he’ll be home for Christmas.

“It’s a Christmas miracle,” he said.

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