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Most Beautiful Churches in Vienna (& How to Visit Them)

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Most Beautiful Churches in Vienna (& How to Visit Them)

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Need inspiration for stunning churches in Vienna to add to your Austria itinerary? We got you covered! 

Vienna is a city of rich cultural heritage and architectural wonders. Among these are the many churches that have stood in the Old Town for years, showcasing the rich history and artistic legacy. Why not visit some of these spectacular buildings while visiting Vienna?

St Stephens Cathedral
St Stephens Cathedral: Vienna Churches

While there are many beautiful buildings in Vienna, the cathedrals offer a different type of beauty with stunning architecture and historic significance. You’ll also find some of the oldest churches in Europe within the city walls. 

From the renowned St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the historically significant Votive Church, there are plenty of beautiful churches in Vienna. Each with its own unique features and stories dating back hundreds of years. 

We’ve compiled a list of 17 of the most beautiful Vienna churches and cathedrals with a guide on how to find them and when to visit. 

Tip: Use our guide on where to stay in Vienna if this is your first visit. 

17 Most Beautiful Churches in Vienna Austria & How to Visit Them

churches in Vienna pin
Beautiful Vienna Churches to visit

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