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Over 50% of all homes in these Colorado counties are vacation homes

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Over 50% of all homes in these Colorado counties are vacation homes

DENVER (KDVR) — Four counties in Colorado have more vacation homes than houses or apartments occupied year-round, according to U.S. Census Bureau Data.

Statewide, only around 4% of all homes are classified as vacation homes, and the City and County of Denver had around 344,760 homes in it, with only around 1% — or 2,946 — being vacation homes.

Counties with the highest rate of vacation homes

All of the counties on the list are located in the mountains.

  • Grand County – 56% of homes (16,731 homes and 9,436 vacation homes)
  • Hinsdale County – 59% of homes (1,406 homes and 835 vacation homes)
  • Mineral County – 61% of homes (1,261 homes and 771 vacation homes)
  • Summit County – 53% of homes (31,509 homes and 16,683 vacation homes)

Two of the counties — Hinsdale and Mineral counties — had an estimated population of under 1,000 people as of 2022.

However, Grand and Summit counties are larger and have well-known ski towns and vacation destinations, with Winter Park and Fraser in Grand County and Breckenridge and Copper Mountain in Summit County.

Ski towns popular for vacation homes

It may not come as a surprise that many towns with a high number of vacation homes are in the mountains, with many of those being ski towns.

Not all ski towns had this many vacation homes, however.

Notably, Aspen has an estimated 6,048 homes, with around 1,899 of those being vacation homes. This means that just under 70% of the homes in Aspen were not classified as vacation homes.

  • Winter Park — 76% of homes (2,757 homes and 2,091 vacation homes)
  • Copper Mountain — 72% of homes (1,445 homes and 1,044 vacation homes)
  • Keystone — 70% of homes (3,605 homes and 2,528 vacation homes.
  • Breckenridge — 60% of homes (7,734 homes and 4,670 vacation homes)
  • Fraser — 58% of homes (3,399 homes and 1,846 vacation homes)
  • Vail — 54% of homes (7,206 homes and 3,898 vacation homes)

Snowmass Village and Steamboat Springs also did not have as high of a rate of vacation homes, similar to Aspen, with just over 30% of homes in each area being classified as vacation homes.

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