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Perfect stay at sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel – Crazy sexy fun traveler

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Perfect stay at sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel – Crazy sexy fun traveler

Perfect sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel


Looking for good sustainable accommodation in Luang Prabang, Laos? I can recommend you Luang Prabang View Hotel where I spent 5 days. Keep reading to find out more about this charming hotel.


When I was invited on a trip to explore Laos in a sustainable way in September 2023, after the very busy trip with other media I decided to stay in Laos for longer and enjoy Luang Prabang town more. Staying at the Luang Prabang View Hotel turned out to be the best idea: peaceful, perfect views, delicious food, good spa. Top notch.


If you’d like to relax from the hustle and bustle of town but still be just a few minute ride from the Luang Prabang UNESCO city, the Luang Prabang View Hotel will not disappoint. You can choose from 5 types of accommodation, also villas with a private plunge pool.


I stayed at Deluxe King Room which costs 370$ net per night for peak season and 195$ for low season.


Luang Prabang View Hotel from drone

Luang Prabang View Hotel from drone

sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos (51)


Why to stay at Luang Prabang View Hotel

What I enjoyed at the Luang Prabang View Hotel

  • very nice staff members who helped me with everything I needed. They were always smiling, humble, honest and helpful. 

  • location = the hotel is situated on the hill at the southern end of the city but has an easy access to the UNESCO World Heritage town. Its location was definitely an advantage for me, because I could swim in the pool every day and enjoy the sunshine and the views there, and then go to town to visit temples, for a walk and to buy some souvenirs at the night market, and then back to the hotel on the last hotel shuttle. 


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos (53) sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos (46)


  • great buffet breakfast = you can sit or inside the restaurant with air con, or enjoy the mountain view outside with natural breeze and fans. I was lucky to always find an outdoor table because eating while observing the mountains was calming me down. I’m sure that everyone can find there something they’d like to taste out of the wide selection of buffet breakfast options. However, I usually eat only fresh fruit for breakfast, so I was very grateful to have more varieties of fresh fruit every morning. The fruit was not only fresh, but also ripe, tasty and mostly local and seasonal. OMG juicy mango, different melons, dragonfruit, guava, rambutan etc. were the best!  


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos restaurant


  • one day a Lao chef working at the hotel restaurant came to me and asked me about my food. I am vegan and almost always gluten-free so he came to check if everything was fine. It turned out he used to work in my home country Slovakia in the past and still could speak some Slovak. I was shocked! I mean, meeting someone speaking Slovak in the middle of Laos, who would have thought? Talking to him in the morning for a few minutes made my day. And he was so happy for being able to practice his Slovak, too, that he made me delicious mango sticky rice with coconut milk so I could try something else besides fruit for breakfast. Thank you so much!


mango sticky rice - sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos restaurant sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos breakfast


  • the hotel offers free transportation to Luang Prabang downtown and back. Minibuses depart on the hour, and it’s just a 10-minute ride to get to the heart of the city. The hotel is hard to leave, I guess, but the city offers so much that it would be a shame not to explore it, right?

  • swimming pool with a 360° view of Luang Prabang and surrounding mountains. I’d say the swimming pool at Luang Prabang View Hotel has the best view ever! I have to confess that I spent loads of time by the pool, chilling on the sunbed, reading a book, listening to motivational videos online, swimming, doing yoga in the pool, and sunbathing. It’s also  possible to order young coconuts, meals, snacks or drinks from The Skyy Lounge & Bar directly to your sunbed.

  • let’s not forget another thing that made my stay even more memorable. Sunsets from the swimming pool were to die for! I’ll always remember the sun setting behind all those green mountains.


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos swimming pool sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel swimming pool views sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel swimming pool



  • beautiful room with a gorgeous view = I was amazed as soon as I entered my Deluxe King room. It was more of a suite than a room. Big, comfortable, beautiful design, wide bed, a big shower, bathtub, huge windows, and that view, simply wow! I could spend hours just sitting there and staring from my room or balcony.
  • I had a plate of fresh fruit waiting for me in my room after checking in. Much appreciated!


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel room viewsustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel roomsustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Deluxe King Room


  • dinner next to the pool is served from 5pm until 10pm. It’s perfect for those seeking a romantic evening under the stars, or for family or group gatherings for a meal outside. And yes, it was also something I had to try even on my own. Choosing sunset time for my dinner was a good idea as I could observe the sunset first and then finish my meal with the first stars on the skies. They prepared special vegan meals for me, all of them tasty, fresh, perfectly spiced, finger-licking! I can still feel the taste of the meals on my tongue.


enjoying vegan dinner at Luang Prabang View Hotel vegan dinner at Luang Prabang View Hotel


  • the hotel offers shuttle transportation to/from the airport and to/from the train station.
  • there’s free fast wifi around the hotel property.
  • if you need a place to hold a conference or an exhibition, the hotel has a 242-sqm the ASEAN MICE Award-winning Grand View Hall bordered by a 22-metre-long wall of windows with hilltop view. 


frangipani - sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos


  • great luxury Champa Hom Spa offering different therapeutic treatments = I tried a traditional Lao massage there (my first Lao massage ever) and have to say, I so loved it. Very professional masseuse did her best and I felt like a brand new person afterwards. While staying at the Luang Prabang View Hotel, I definitely recommend you to pamper yourself at spa, or even make an arrangement to get a massage on your room’s terrace. Chances are that the spa treatments at LPB View Hotel will be cheaper than in your home country. If you are from Northern America, Europe or Australia, they definitely will be cheaper and worth it. Visiting Laos would not be complete without a good, yet reasonably priced massage, right?
  • fitness room with yoga mats and a yoga ball to keep fit when traveling.


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel spa sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel Laos Lao massage


Sustainable Luang Prabang View hotel

  • it’s a top sustainable hotel = in 2018 the Luang Prabang View Hotel won the ASEAN MICE Award for the best sustainable model that reaches into every area of the hotel’s operation. Luang Prabang View’s staff see sustainability as a way of life, and together with common sense they integrate it into their daily workload. The sustainable practices not only save the hotel loads of money, but the employees really understand that they are doing the right thing. And I couldn’t agree more with all the eco-tourism practices they follow.
  • in rooms, water is served in glass bottles.
  • no plastic straws are used at the hotel. 
  • the only in-room plastic bag is the toilet bin bag and it’s biodegradable.
  • they compost and recycle everything they can.
  • room buildings have green rooftops which makes it less hot inside of rooms and this saves money on air con.
  • some herbs, vegetables and fruit are from their garden.
  • they buy fresh ingredients from the locals to use at the restaurant. Everything I ate at the hotel was truly fresh and of good quality. For more information about the green practices at the hotel, please check Luang Prabang View Hotel sustainability website.


sustainable Luang Prabang View Hotel green rooftop



My recommendations for Luang Prabang View Hotel

To be honest, it’s difficult to find things that could be improved at the Luang Prabang View Hotel because it’s a great hotel, indeed, and I enjoyed everything there. But some of the hotel staff members don’t speak English very well, so I think that guests would have even a better stay, if the staff members were fluent in English.





Luang Prabang View Hotel is certified as sustainable by Travelife.


My stay at the Luang Prabang View Hotel was a collaboration but all the opinions in this article are my own. Thank you so much for a memorable stay.

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