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Review of the Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4 –

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Review of the Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4 –

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Ladies and gentlemen! I have another tech review for you and this one is a gooood one. It’s the Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4 earbuds. Before I get into the details, I will start off with a little backstory.

Soundcore is a part of the Anker Innovations Company simply known as Anker. You may have seen items with the “Anker” logo printed on them at retailers such as Amazon or at your local Walmart, Target , Best Buy etc. I have seen products from them like battery banks and wall chargers.

Soundcore first launched in 2014 as the audio branch for Anker Innovations, making products such as earphones, speakers, and earbuds. The Liberty 4 earbuds is one of their newest products on the market.


The Liberty 4 features include;

  • Connecting two devices at the same time
  • Surround sound effect
  • Pauses music or video when either of the device is removed
  • Prompt tone when device enters the ear
  • Powers off automatically
  • Better usability through the App
  • Multiple Listening Modes
  • Heart Monitoring
  • Posture Monitoring
  • Option to choose between music mode and movie mode

The earbuds came in a very nice packaging that included a charging cable, the earbuds, the charging case, 4 sizes of ear tips, a quick start guide and a safety guide. The charging case is very stylish, the cover slides back and a light comes on in the front when you open and close it. Also when you put the earbuds inside the charging case they both light up.

Right out of the box I paired them with my phone before even setting up the app. I turned on some music and my first impression was wow! because I got this surround sound effect from them. It could be because I was more used to using a single earpiece but now I am using two. At first I was not sure if I was putting the earbuds into my ears correctly because they have a rather odd shape and these types of earbuds are not something I am very familiar with, however, that is easily resolved because both of them have letters indicating which one is for what ear, with “R” for the right and “L” for the left.

The earbuds have a sensor that lets it know when it enters the ear, once they are in they make a “ding” sound (it’s a very faint sound, nothing annoying). While using them to listen to music or watch videos, if you remove either one of the earbuds it pauses the music or video. You can always press play to continue listening with just one earbud, but to me you get a better experience when you use both earbuds. You do have the option to turn that feature off once you have downloaded the app.

As I mentioned above there are 4 sizes of ear tips that comes in the package, small, medium 1, medium 2 and large. Medium 2 is supposed to go into the ear a little deeper than medium 1. Looking at them I really don’t see much of a difference, but when you put them in the ear they feel different. I have small ears, so I removed the medium 1 ear tips that came already on the earbuds and switched to the small but after installing the app and running the fit test it seemed that the small wasn’t the best fit for me so I went back to the medium 1.

The Soundcore App

Once the app is downloaded you can either sign in using your phone account information, in my case my Samsung account info, or your Amazon info. I opted for the Amazon option since I don’t think I have a Samsung account (🤔 do I?).

After signing in you will see “add a device” once you click on that, the app searches for the Soundcore device. Once the device shows up you will click on it and the next thing it does is prompt you to do the fit test. The fit test is basically making sure that you are wearing the right tip for the best listening experience. If the test fails, which it did for me a few times, it will advise what to do which is either to change the earbuds’ size or adjust the angle of the earbuds. I find that you can have the right tip in and still fail the test because the seal is not right. In that case
you will have to adjust the angle of the earbud for a tighter seal/fit.

While you don’t have to download the app to use the earbuds, the app does offer better usability with the features it offers. It offers features such as;

  • Turning off the alert that you hear when you place the earbuds in your ear
  • Selecting a timer for when you want the earbuds to power off
  • The option to chose modes like normal, noise cancelling, or transparency
  • You can also choose different types of sound effects like spatial sound, HearID Sound, Soundcore’s signature sound or create your own equalizer
  • There is also the option to turn on and off wind reduction

In addition to the listed features above the app also allows you to change the controls on the earbuds. The default setting is that a single press on either earbud either plays or pause what you are watching or listening to, a double press changes the sound mode, and the triple press on the left earbud goes to the previous item while the right goes to the next item, but with the option to change these in the app you can set them up however you like from the choices given.

In the app you can also find Soundcore Wellness. This allows you to monitor your heart rate, it starts off with asking about your gender and weight during setup, then when you are ready to exercise just click go to start monitoring your heart rate, your stress level, and even your posture. This is great for those who like to go to the gym, or go walking and or jogging.

Another great feature of the App is that it shows you how much charge is on each earbud individually and also how much charge is on the charging case.

The App also gives you access to a user manual, a quick start guide, FAQs, feedback section, as well as live chatting with someone if you have a problem, and access to customer service numbers.

Taking or Making Calls

When placing or receiving a call you can use just one of the earbuds or both, whichever you prefer. If the earbuds are not in your ear at the time of the call as soon as you place one in the ear the caller comes on, you don’t have to press anything else. If they are already in the ear just press once on the earbud stem to answer the call and to end it click twice. The call quality has been good thus far.

Final Thoughts

There is a pretty good range on the earbuds, I am not really sure exactly how far away from the phone you can have them, but I left my phone on the kitchen counter and walked to the front of my apartment building (out to the street) and the connection was still pretty good. The person on the phone was still able to hear me clearly, except for a short while when I tried to go to the opposite side, but just a slight interference and then it was up again. Now, the apartment building is one level and it’s not a long walk to the street, but if I were to guess I would think I was about 40 ft away from the phone.

I like that the earbuds can be connected to two devices at the same time. That is good for those who carry two phones with them, one for personal use and one for business. I did notice that when the earbuds are connected to two devices you will have to press play again once you put them back in your ear, it doesn’t automatically start the music or video again.

Even though pairing was a breeze on the initial setup, to add a second device I had to do it through the app. I was able to connect it to my laptop as well as my phone and a call came in while watching a YouTube video on the laptop. The video continued to play after answering the call but of course there was no volume.

The ear tips are comfortable when they are in the ear but I am a bit cautious about the earbuds, one moment they are quite snug and another they are sliding out.

The wind reduction feature decreases the amount of wind that you will hear while using the earbuds, but it doesn’t block it out entirely. With the noise canceling feature, I was still able to pick up background noise while watching videos, but it seemed to perform a lot better when
listening to music.

To get the best overall experience from the Liberty 4 earbuds make sure you have the right tips on for the right fit, have them turned to the right angle so that you get that perfect perfect seal in the ear.

To learn more about the Soundcore by Anker Liberty 4 earbuds click here also if you decide to buy this item enter coupon code WhileIamTraveling for $20 off.

I hope you found this review helpful. Any questions don’t hesitate to post in the comment section.

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