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Romantic wedding destinations to fall in love with – Crazy sexy fun traveler

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Romantic wedding destinations to fall in love with – Crazy sexy fun traveler

Around 350,000 destinations take place every year, and numbers are continuing to rise as the revenge wedding and bucket list trends are embraced by couples who wish to tie the knot in majestic fashion. Wedding specialists, The Knot, report that destination ceremonies and receptions are so “in” that couples are creating mood boards with a variety of features, including dress codes, entertainment, and romantic spots for photos. If you are ready to take your wedding to an international level, these are the top three destinations that are in high demand, according to research by The Wedding Planner Institute.


The Beaches of the Caribbean

Blue is one of the top colors on wedding mood boards at the moment, with couples taking “something blue” to the extreme and wearing blue accessories, choosing blue-inspired decor themes, and even opting for colored gemstones for their wedding rings. Diamonds may always be a girl or boy’s best friend, but for many, gemstones like Sapphires, Tanzanites, and colored Diamonds are the way to go when it comes to surprising your beloved with wedding jewelry.


Wedding bands, for instance, don’t have to be plain. They can contain bezel or inlaid sapphires and other blue stones that add a touch of color to an otherwise simple band. Of course, the perfect backdrop to a wedding with a penchant for blue has to be the Caribbean. The crystal clear, turquoise waters and pristine sands of destinations like Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and of course, St. Lucia.


romantic wedding destinations


Seaside chilling in Mexico

Mexico is another top choice for couples from the US seeking to get away, since it is relatively close to home and therefore a little more affordable than the Caribbean, yet many would say, equally romantic and Instagrammable. Mexico has a wide variety of options, each of which lends a different feel to a wedding.

For instance, picturesque towns like San Miguel Allende are steeped in history and culture, while the majestic Tepoztlán mountains just outside Mexico are a perfect choice for nature loving couples. Mexico is also home to a host of world-famous resorts, as well as outdoor sports zones, nature reserves, beaches, spas, and five-star resorts in which to pamper yourself before and after your big day.


Heavenly Hawaii

If you are a perfectionist who wants to ensure that your wedding day will be sunny and bright, Hawaii will meet your match—the weather here is close to perfect year-round! Hawaii allows you to get married amidst stunning landscapes containing lush trees, azure ocean backdrops, and vertiginous waterfalls.

Hawaii is also an excellent way to entice your guests to join you for a pampering holiday of their own. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a few days on a stunning island where luxury resorts abound and a thriving culinary scene. There are 25 Michelin-starred establishments in Honolulu alone!

Hundreds of thousands of couples from the US are selecting exciting destinations abroad for their wedding ceremonies and receptions. The top three destinations of the day are the Caribbean, Mexico, and Hawaii. All have in common an undeniable seaside/ocean appeal, which turns a wedding into a paradisiacal time away for everyone—your guests included!

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