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Solo Travel for Women – A Beginner’s Guide

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Solo Travel for Women – A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve all been there, hoisting luggage to our desired destination and breathing a massive sigh of relief on arrival. Whether you’re a amateur or packing professional, making ready for a solo trip instils a newfound stage of restraint. Wearing your carry-on kilos forces you to be discerning about your sartorial selections. 

My information? Marie Kondo your hoard, until finally it decreases significantly, and you are left with sensible outfits. (Really do not fail to remember you can normally handwash your stuff). Apart from comfy strolling shoes and a reusable h2o bottle (vital), appear organized for the weather and shock forecasts, with interchangeable clothes. I advocate packing cubes, to compress bulkier things and compartmentalise clothing and accessories. Pockets and padlocks are also need to-haves, to secure files and beneficial merchandise. Oh, and a microfibre towel, Constantly.

A very good excellent travel backpack with concealed pockets will see you via most situation. A cash belt (listen to us out) is also a helpful strategy of concealing your passport, documents and currency, albeit handsfree.

Apart from the actual essentials, you won’t regret getting a rechargeable battery pack, journey journal and tripod for self-timer shots. If you uncover packing stress filled, why not check out out Contiki’s pack my bags Alexa talent, and permit Alexa do the tricky work for you? She’ll give you a personalised packing checklist with all the necessities you will need.

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