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Stephen A. Smith Asks Why There’s No Protest Over Shootings

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Stephen A. Smith Asks Why There’s No Protest Over Shootings

Stephen A. Smith criticized what he deemed a lack of outcry over Black-on-Black violence following a deadly holiday weekend in Chicago that left 53 shot and 11 dead.

Smith expressed his frustration on the Wednesday edition of his podcast The Stephen A. Smith Show.

“When we gonna look at ourselves when it comes to Black people being killed in the streets of America? I don’t even want to get into what happened in Chicago, but I have no choice,” Smith said.

According to Chicago’s ABC7, 53 people were shot and 11 were killed over Memorial Day weekend.

“If one Black person was killed by the police, we’d raise holy hell, and in some cases there’d be riots in the streets. And dammit, I’m not here to sit up there and blame anybody for that, because I’m tired of the nonsense that we’ve seen going on in the streets aimed at Black Americans. That’s not where I’m going. What I’m saying is, where’s the due diligence when it comes to putting a spotlight on what we are doing to each other?” Smith said.

“This shit is pissing me off,” Smith added. “It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s been happening year after year after year.”

Smith began to list other examples from 2023.

“Where’s the noise at? Where’s the protest? Where’s mainstream media talking about that it, that’s what I wanna know, because let me tell you something — nothing else matters if we’re dead, nothing else matters,” Smith said.

Watch above via The Stephen A. Smith Show.

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