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The Best Attractions in Egypt – Live Fun Travel

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The Best Attractions in Egypt – Live Fun Travel

We love exploring Egypt and already have booked going back next year.  The main reason, is to see the new Egyptian Museum and then head to Jordan to experience Petra.  To experience the food, the culture and people is incredible.  Egypt has been one of the most mysterious travel destinations on Earth for over 150 years. Attractions such as the millennia-old temples and pyramids stimulate the imagination. Not only those interested in culture will find places worth seeing in the country on the Nile and the Red Sea, but also outdoor fans and water sports enthusiasts: A holiday in Egypt is a hot travel tip all year round. We have put together a selection of interesting places and given an overview of the best sights in Egypt.

The Best Sights at a Glance

What fascinated Napoleon and generations of tourists will also take your breath away: Everyone knows the Pyramids of Giza, but whoever stood in front of them will never forget it! On the Nile, the country’s lifeline, the attractions lie like pearls on a string: Don’t miss the temples of Luxor or the fairytale sanctuary of Abu Simbel!

If you want to understand the country in northeast Africa, head to the megacity of Cairo! Here you can explore the vibrant culture of the 102 million Muslim or Christian Egyptians. Magnificent landscapes and bathing resorts await you on the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt has paradisiacal diving grounds, and snorkelers, hikers and (wind) surfers also get their money’s worth.

Experiencing the Pyramids of Egypt was incredible.

Pyramids of Giza: Wonders of the World in the Desert Sands

The Pyramids of Giza, west of Cairo, are the only seven wonders of the ancient world that survived the millennia. As the tombs of the pharaohs Cheops, Chephren and Menkaure, they tower up to 138 meters into the sky. Scientists are still puzzled how these mighty monuments could have been built 4,500 years ago.

The world-famous Sphinx, a hybrid of humans and lions, watches over the pyramids. Don’t miss the even older Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara further south!


Best Attractions in Egypt


Ras Mohammed National Park: Sensational Diver’s Paradise

The southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, not far from Sharm-el-Sheikh, is windswept and pristine. There are no hotels in Ras Mohammed National Park, so camping is popular here. Beautiful sandy beaches lure for swimming and snorkelling. The diving spots on site are among the best in the world and are particularly suitable for advanced divers.

Magnificent reefs with soft and hard corals, turtles, rays, sharks and up to 1,000 species of fish offer the dive sites Jackfish Alley, Shark Observatory or Yolande Reefs. At Sha’ab Ali, the legendary underwater wreck of the “Thistlegorm” awaits you.

Old Town of Cairo: Oriental Flair with Great Buildings

Egypt’s capital, Cairo, has almost 10 million inhabitants. The heart of the city is Tahrir Square, where the ancient Egyptian Museum stands. Some treasures are gradually moving to the New Egyptian Museum in Giza. You can experience unique oriental flair in the old town. The Al-Azhar Mosque marks the founding of Cairo more than 1,000 years ago. The fortified citadel, the seat of the Egyptian sultans, towers over the city.

Don’t miss the magnificent Muhammad Ali Mosque up here and the magnificent panoramic view of the pyramids.

Aswan Dam: Gigantic Dam on the Nile

The Nile is the lifeline of Egypt. Every year it carried huge amounts of water from the highlands of Ethiopia and caused its banks to bloom. In this way, the high culture of ancient Egypt was able to develop in the middle of the desert. The gigantic Aswan High Dam in the south was built in the 1960s to improve the country’s water and electricity supply. Large parts of Nubia came under water and the Nasser Reservoir was created.

The ancient cycle of high and low water on the Nile disappeared. Down the river, the legendary Nile cruises to Luxor are worthwhile.

Karnak Temple: Huge Temple Complex near Luxor

The heart of the New Kingdom is in Upper Egypt. Great temples arose in Luxor and Karnak. You will feel like dwarves in the pillared forest of Amun’s sanctuary. Fascinating reliefs tell of gods, pharaohs and long-gone battles. In West Thebes, across the Nile, you can marvel at the Ramesseum and the elegant Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

The Valley of the Kings contains the painted burial chambers of the pharaohs. The treasure and mummy of Tutankhamun were discovered here.

Marsa Alam: Red Sea Snorkeling, Diving and Windsurfing

The Red Sea offers beautiful sandy beaches, fantastic diving spots and great waves for windsurfing and kiting. South of Hurghada, the town of Marsa Alam is particularly worthwhile. Here you can enjoy all the comforts of a beach holiday and experience real adventures in the floods. Colorful fish cavort on the reefs, you can watch them snorkeling or diving.

The underwater landscapes are still relatively untouched here, be considerate of these unique ecosystems!

Colored Canyon: Fascinating rainbow canyon

The colors of the Colored Canyon, which is located almost 20 km northwest of Nuweiba, shimmer like a rainbow. This extremely narrow gorge is easy to fall in love with the steep rock walls that look like they have been painted in bright colours. No wonder an Instagram hotspot has emerged here. Jeep tours are also offered here from other bathing resorts on the Sinai. The most atmospheric, however, is the camel safaris.

The Bedouins will also lead you to some insider tips on where you can enjoy the wonderful landscape almost alone.

Best Attractions in Egypt

Abu Simbel: Majestic Temples in Nubia

Ramses II was one of the most successful pharaohs of ancient Egypt. He had a monumental temple built in the very south of his empire, where homage was paid to the imperial god Amun and the sun god Re. Four colossal temple guardians with their faces are enthroned above the vast desert landscape. Not far from the huge structure is the smaller temple of Hathor, the goddess of love.

Both were raised 64 meters during the construction of the Aswan High Dam to avoid being submerged in the Nile floodwaters. A truly mystical atmosphere prevails at sunrise when the statues glow with a reddish light.

Catherine Monastery: Ancient Monastery in Front of Mount Moses

Moses is said to have received the tablets of the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai. Yahweh revealed himself in a burning bush. An offshoot of this thorn bush is at the foot of the mountain in the 1400-year-old St. Catherine’s Monastery, which was never destroyed. You can enter individual areas of this fascinating monastery, while others remain closed to you.

If you hike up the 2,285-meter-high Mount Sinai at night, you can experience the sunrise in the early morning, an unforgettable experience.


Our Final Word

Egypt is filled with mystery and wonder.  We know many people that have gone and only went to the Red Sea.  They are truly missing out on an incredible destination with life-changing experiences.  We cannot wait to return and hope to see you there.

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