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Vacation hot spot only accessible after 4-hour hell hike

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Vacation hot spot only accessible after 4-hour hell hike

You better pack your hiking boots if you want to vacation here.

This precariously positioned cabin is for extreme mountaineers only — located at an altitude of more than 9,000 feet in the Grandes Jorasses, the lodging is only accessible by way of treacherous terrain.

Franky Morgan — a brave soul who dared travel over slick rocks, through frigid river water, and up a cliff — undertook the four-and-a-half-hour hell hike in “sketchy conditions” to reach the one-of-a-kind cabin.

But the adventurer’s trek was well worth the “amazing view” at the summit.

“When we got up there, the views were crystal clear; it was breathtaking,” the 20-year-old told Caters News.

The Gervasutti “bivouac” cabin, which resembles a cylindrical spaceship, was named after the first person to summit the east face of the Grandes Jorasses, Italian climber Guisto Gervasutti, who achieved the feat in 1942.

“When we got up there, the views were crystal clear; it was breathtaking,” Morgan said.
Caters News Agency
The pod is fashioned with large windows so that thrill-seekers can enjoy the impressive views.
Caters News Agency
Morgan trekked up the mountain with two others over the course of four hours.
Caters News Agency

The mountainside pod is maintained by its visitors after each stay for the next person and was transformed in 2011 to its present-day state, equipped with solar panels, internet access, a kitchen and beds.

Morgan had been traveling in Europe when she heard about the cabin from a new acquaintance, deciding almost immediately that it seemed “very fun to go and do.”

“Looking back on the trek up, it would’ve been a much better idea to have crossed the river further down the mountain, as when we did it, we had to go thigh-deep through quite an aggressive stream,” she explained.

“Having wet, cold shoes and socks was not ideal, but it’s all part of the journey.”

The treacherous hike was worth the spectacular views at the destination.
Caters News Agency
While the ascent through “sketchy conditions” was tricky, the return to the bottom, Morgan said, was the “hardest.”
Caters News Agency
The group’s descent was ruined by rain and fog.
Caters News Agency

She, alongside two others, scaled about three miles of the mountain to reach the top — an elevation of nearly 4,000 miles, Morgan guessed — but retreating back down after cooking up some grub, playing cards and sipping on wine was by far the “hardest” due to rain and a thick fog that blanketed their path.

“We waited as long as we could but had to brave going down the mountain in quite treacherous conditions,” she said.

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