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What Are You Supposed to Wear During a Opulent Getaway?

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What Are You Supposed to Wear During a Opulent Getaway?

Nowadays, luxury travel is no longer just some distant dream that only the rich and famous get to have. To a degree, it’s actually becoming more affordable. While most travellers mostly think about staying comfy on their trips and just having an unforgettable experience seeing whatever they can, there is one question that still begs when it comes to luxurious trips in particular: what are you supposed to wear? 

Seriously, is there actually a dress code when it comes to luxury trips? Is there a certain way you’re supposed to dress so you can blend in? Well, to a degree, there is, but it also depends on where you’re at, what you’re doing, where you’re going, things like that. So, here’s everything you need to know about what to wear during an opulent getaway! 

What Will You Be Doing?

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So, when it comes to luxurious getaways, one thing to ask yourself is what you’re doing. If you’re staying at a fancy golf resort, blue jeans and a T-shirt aren’t going to cut it; you’ll need to blend in with everyone else- especially if you’re planning on doing some golfing. So, with an example like this, you would look best if you wore and packed a Lacoste polo shirt and came in comfortable (but well-tailored) slacks.

If you were on a yacht, then there’s usually more leeway, so wearing a polo and khakis or even some nice shorts with boating shoes can easily do the trick. But if you’re doing something like skiing in the Alps the entire time, then you definitely won’t need to worry as much. In general, what really matters is what you’ll be doing because not all luxury activities are the same, and some do require more attention to clothing than others. 

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Think About the Climate

Just like with any other trip, the climate is going to matter too, even with luxury trips. You’ll need to tailor your wardrobe to the destination’s climate to stay comfortable while looking effortlessly chic.

If you’re going to be somewhere hot, such as staying at a fancy resort on the Amalfi Coast during peak summer in Italy, then even for a luxurious trip like this, you’ll still need to be comfortable and cool- and breathable fabric like linen will do the trick. So, the climate matters, and the fabric in your clothes too will also matter since you want to look good and feel good regardless of climate. 

Is there a Dress Code

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Sometimes, it’s all simplified for you, so you’ll immediately know what to wear. For example, a lot of resorts and 5-star hotels will require only certain clothes to be worn in their facility, usually smart casual.

The same thing can be said too with luxury train cruises, kind of like the ones that Belmond offers (such as the Orient Express). Even for certain activities like boating, there’ll be a dress code to follow. Usually, if there’s a dress code, you won’t need to question what to wear anymore. 

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