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Where Is Big Ben Located?

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Where Is Big Ben Located?

Are you wondering where is Big Ben located? I got you covered in this blog post, I have visited Big Ben countless times, and still mesmerizes me every time I will gaze at this magnificent landmark. I will discuss the complete details of where you can find this iconic landmark.

Big Ben is an iconic landmark that undeniably signifies you’re in London. This famous attraction is hard to miss when you’re in the city’s capital. 

Where exactly is Big Ben located? Big Ben is located in London, England in the United Kingdom. It is specifically situated at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. Big Ben is surrounded by other London landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the London Eye. The latitude of London is 51.510357 while its longitude is -0.116773. 

As a tourist, you can only view this beauty and hear it ring from a distance. More on this in the article, so read on!

Big Ben in London UK
Where is Big Ben Located?

Where is Big Ben located on the Map?


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Big Ben at a Glance

Big Ben is the great bell that you can find at the iconic Elizabeth Tower. The bell weighs 13.7 tonnes and the tower itself spans 96 meters. The minute hand is 14 feet long and the hour hand is about 9 feet long. The clock face, which is made up of 312 glass shards, has a diameter of 23 feet.

Big Ben strikes every hour to the sound of E while the four quarter bells alongside it are tuned to G-sharp, F-sharp, B, and E. Those who are accustomed to the sound of the bells can determine which time quarter hour it is simply by listening to the bells. 

You need to conquer a total of 399 steps to visit Big Ben. Here is how the climb is:

  • 292 steps to the clock face
  • 42 steps more to Big Ben 
  • 65 steps more to the Ayrton light

Distance of Big Ben to Other UK Destinations

St. James Park to Big Ben 0.32 kilometres or 0.2 miles
Westminster Abbey to Big Ben 0.48 kilometres or 0.3 miles
Buckingham Palace to Big Ben 1.12 kilometres or 0.7 miles
London Eye to Big Ben 1.12 kilometres or 0.7 miles
Imperial War Museum to Big Ben 1.28 kilometres or 0.8 miles
London Bridge to Big Ben 3.86 kilometres or 2.4 miles

Fun Facts About Big Ben

  1. Big Ben is said to have gotten its name from Sir Benjamin Hall, the First Commissioner for Works. The bell, or more often than not the bell and the tower collectively, is officially known as the Great Ben.
  2. The Palace of Westminster succumbed to fire in 1834. When they planned the whole renovation, they included a new clock tower. Construction finished in 1859, which makes Big Ben more than 160 years old.
  3. The tower where Big Ben is located was once called the Clock Tower, but its name was replaced with Elizabeth Tower in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II in 2017.
  4. There are other bells in the Elizabeth Tower aside from Big Ben. The four-quarter bells play together with Big Ben to create its iconic chime. The bells do not swing as usually depicted in videos and illustrations but are actually set in place permanently.
  5. It wasn’t always a bright time with Big Ben. The Elizabeth Tower had to dim its clock’s light during World War II and the bells were not played. The other times that Big Ben stayed silent were in World War I and when the whole Palace was under repair.
  6. A Latin motto can be read from Big Ben’s clock: “OMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM” which translates to  “O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First.”
  7. For sure, you’ve seen Big Ben in numerous shows and prints. This iconic London landmark has been featured in Mary Poppins, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes, to name a few.
  8. The clock for which Big Ben is sounded is well-known for being extremely accurate. However, there were certain instances in the past wherein the clock became late – one due to a heavy snowstorm and another because of a flock of starlings! 
  9. Did you know? Only residents of the United Kingdom are allowed to go inside Big Ben. There should also be sponsorship coming from a Member of Parliament of the House of Lords if a resident wishes to explore inside. If you are a tourist, you can only have a Big Ben experience from a distance.
  10. There is a smaller replica of Big Ben found on Victoria Street!

More About London 

  • The Houses of Parliament should be on your London itinerary! The Clock Tower and the Elizabeth Tower (where Big Ben is) are both located here.
  • There are many ways to see Big Ben up close! Get Your Guide has Big Ben tours paired up with other great attractions within the area, so make sure to check them out.
  • Big Ben is easily accessible from neighboring areas in the UK. I trust Trainline and Omio when it comes to booking trains and bus rides. If I need to book a flight to where Big Ben is, I go to Skyscanner. When I need to rent a car to drive to Big Ben, Discover Cars saves me much time by giving me all options in just one click.


Frequently Asked Questions About Big Ben

What is Big Ben?

Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell located inside Elizabeth Tower. There is not one story of how the name came to be, but many say it is named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the First Commissioner for Works.

Where is the real Big Ben located?

The real Big Ben is located in Westminster, London, England. It is situated within the Palace of Westminster.

Is Big Ben in Paris or London?

Can you currently see Big Ben?

Big Ben has undergone an extensive renovation, and it is set to be completed this 2023.

Where in London can you hear Big Ben?

You can hear Big Ben as long as you are in a radius of up to 5 miles from it.

What’s the best way to see Big Ben?

The best way to see Big Ben is by viewing it from across the Westminster Bridge.

Where is Big Ben Located pin
Where is Big Ben Located?


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