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Where to Spend a Week in Bali

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Where to Spend a Week in Bali

When I went back to the Island of the Gods for the fifth time, I wanted to do it a bit differently. I’d always stayed in hostels, and once I went for a women’s retreat, but this time, I wanted to put down some (temporary) roots and stay in a villa with my family.

A place that was just ours, and that felt more like a home.

But on such a big island with so much to see, which spot is best? I think I’ve found it, you guys. This is Villa Kerang Sue in Pererenan, Bali:

The Villa

The Villa Kerang Sue is new construction in the area just north of Canggu, Bali, which you may have heard of for its famous surf, cafes with what can only be described as Instagram-worthy food, and some lovely beach clubs.

I wanted a place where I could just unwind and enjoy our own pool, have plenty of space for both us parents and our kiddo to have our own rooms, and it was a bonus that it even had an office (since I work on the road), and a large, expansive living room and kitchen area.

where to stay in bali for a week

Although cooking isn’t typically on my mind in Southeast Asia, you could always have a chef come and cook for you. It’s pretty reasonable in a place like Bali, and the lovely property manager at Villa Kerang Sue can make just about any request possible.

Or, if you like to cook your own breakfast or just have the option to make some of your own meals, there’s a large grocery store within walking distance of the villa, which is fully stocked with a blender, coffee makings, tea, water filter, and full-sized fridge.

The two rooms each have their own air conditioning units and bathrooms, making it perfect for two couples to share the villa, or a family of four.

If you’re traveling with a baby in Bali, it worked well for us to have our travel crib with mosquito net along, as well as his portable high chair and soft carrier, since strollers don’t really work well anywhere in Bali (though we still use a small stroller at the airport!)

where to stay in bali

The bathroom in the main bedroom is so big, I think most of my bedrooms have paled in comparison. Plus, the bathtub is so lovely!

For me, lighting is also important. The way the villa has been constructed is genius, with walls around the property that have space for an atrium around each window and door, creating a bright and airy atmosphere while maintaining privacy.

where to stay in Bali for a week

Finally, the entire wall in the main room opens up to the backyard and pool with the rice terrace view. You can choose to keep it closed, but still get all the light from the glass doors, or open it up completely.

The Area

where to stay in bali for a week

It’s hard to pick just one place to stay in Bali. It’s a large island with legendary traffic, so wherever you pick, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty to do right around there. If you have the time, I’m partial to spending a few days in Ubud (Capella Ubud was phenomenal, but too pricey for a full week) to see those famous rice terraces and waterfalls, then moving coastal to have beach access.

I wanted to be near to Canggu, but not so near that it felt crowded and hectic all around us. Pererenan has a bit more of a relaxed atmosphere, but with easy, quick access to Canggu. We visited one of the more popular beach clubs there and would use Grab Taxi to get food now and then, but I was glad to not actually be based there.

What I loved most were the rice terraces all around the villa, both in front of the pool, and across the street was an even larger area. It was so peaceful, and perfect for a golden hour stroll.

where to stay in bali

There are also plenty of delicious cafes in the area. My favorite for breakfast was cafe Noah, which is about a ten minute walk away.

Final Thoughts on Villa Kerang Sue

Besides wanting something peaceful, I also wanted it to be an easy stay that was clean and relaxing.

We hadn’t even expected to have the villa cleaned daily, but each day, Made made sure it was spotless. The manager, Rita, was also available via Whatsapp if we ever needed anything. It’s really the service that makes a place, and this villa has attention to detail down pat.

It’s also a female-owned villa by my fellow travel blogging pal, Alex Baackes, which made it all the more of a delight for us to stay there.

It’s a relatively new rental but the reviews already speak for themselves. Like me, everyone seems to love it. You can book it directly here to save on booking fees as well! IMHO, it’s a quite affordable option for how nice it is, and if four people are sharing, it’s even cheaper.

We loved our week there, and wouldn’t hesitate to stay again.

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