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Which Yellowstone Journey Is Right For You?

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Which Yellowstone Journey Is Right For You?

With so much to see and do in the park – and so many different experiences depending on the time of year – it can be a challenge to pick the right Yellowstone journey for you. But we’ve created this helpful guide to make it easier to choose between all five of our incredible Yellowstone adventures.

Tour Price
(Per Person)
Days Departure Months Potential Wildlife Spotting* Perfect For…
Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter → From $6,990 USD 8 Jan – Feb Bison, elk, deer, wolves, big horn sheep, foxes, bald eagles
Adventure Seekers – experience Yellowstone with fewer crowds and a better chance of spotting the more elusive wildlife… also includes a snowshoeing trek in the Upper Geyser Basin

4 nights inside Yellowstone | All Small Groups

Yellowstone & the Tetons: American Safari → From $6,990 USD 9 Jun – Sep Bison, deer, elk, bears, bald eagles Adventure Seekers – explore by whitewater rafting, biking and hiking as you take in the scenic highlights of the two parks and learn about their history, culture and wildlife

6 nights inside the parks | All Small Groups

Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks → From $4,990 USD 8 May – Sep Bison, deer, elk, pronghorn, bears, bald eagles, feral horses First Timers – our most popular Yellowstone tour… see the wildlife of Yellowstone, discover your inner cowboy, and wonder at the marvel of Mount Rushmore

4 nights inside the parks | Small Groups available

Legends of the American West → From $5,990 USD 9 May – Sep Bison, deer, elk, pronghorn, bears, bald eagles, feral horses First Timers – a classic tour combining wide open spaces, wildlife, and American history… take a private buffalo safari and learn about Crazy Horse and Buffalo Bill

4 nights inside the parks | All Small Groups

Cowboy Country → From $4,290 USD 8 Jun – Aug Bison, deer, elk, bears, bald eagles, feral horses Families – this multigenerational tour combines scenic wonders, history, and family-friendly activities from a morning float trip to a night at the rodeo

4 nights inside the parks

*Wildlife spotting isn’t guaranteed, because it is dependent on weather, time of year, and… luck!

More Stories from Yellowstone

“It’s almost as if the park is your own.”

Perfect for first-time visitors, our Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks journey explores the grandeur of two national parks and brings the Old West to life.

“We are already planning our next one!”

This was shared by guest Dusty Rogers: “Our Cowboy Country Tauck vacation was truly unforgettable. We didn’t just visit these places or look at these places, we experienced these places. When it rained we were happy for the Wyoming ranchers because we now knew how precious rain was for them. When we visited authentic dude ranches and learned the story of Johnson County we felt both their pain and their pride. We looked in awe at wonders like Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, and the Crazy Horse Memorial because we had the opportunity to learn so much more about them through videos and our tour director on the coach while en route.

We were able to see, do, and learn more in one day on our Tauck trip than we’ve done on our self-planned vacations in one week. And then we did it again and again for seven days in a row. And the best part was, our days were full, but not exhausting. It’s incredible how much you can accomplish in one day thanks to everything being pre-planned and executed so flawlessly by Tauck! Each day there was still opportunities for rest, relaxation, or going off and doing things with just your family.

My family cannot recommend Tauck tours highly enough. It’s hard to find or plan a vacation that’s enjoyable and interesting for both adults and kids but Tauck’s family tours delivers. We are already planning our next one!” Dusty shares her adventures via her Instagram account, @allthingsgd

Yellowstone’s First Winter Traveler

Dayton Duncan and Ken Burns helped us create Wonderland: Yellowstone in Winter, sharing insights and stories about the park that make this trip more fascinating still. Listen in as Dayton tells the tale of Truman Everts, the park’s first winter traveler, and how his exploits led to the creation of America’s first national park.