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Why you should always take TWO phones on holiday

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Why you should always take TWO phones on holiday

A TRAVELLER has revealed why you should always pack two phones on holiday.

Taking selfies and videos is something everyone does abroad, but it can drain your battery.

Holiday photos can drain your battery - leaving you without a phone


Holiday photos can drain your battery – leaving you without a phoneCredit: Getty

The frequent traveller recently shared his top tips on Reddit, and one of them was revealing how to avoid your phone dying if you are a keen photographer.

They explained: “Bring two phones. I like to film/take photos with my nicer phone but doing so drains the battery a lot, this leads me to bring a battery bank and cables which is a pain.

“A second (usually old or cheap) phone can be what you use for maps, texting, travel sim and itinerary so you’ll often end the day with both phones on 50 per cent charge.”

They added that you should also bring a USBC C-C cable as you can then charge phones on each other without needing a battery bank.

Don’t buy a portable charger at the airport though – not only are they more expensive, but it won’t be charged so you will have to waste time on holiday doing this.

A frequent traveller has revealed his clever hack to make sure all of your gadgets are charged on holiday – by taking an extension lead.

Another traveller revealed why they also have an old phone in their suitcase after an emergency on holiday.

Traveller Lisa Garcia, who runs the website Practical Wanderlust, said: “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been traveling and our phone has gotten damaged – or worse, stolen.

“It’s happened so often that we’ve long been in the habit of stuffing our old, unlocked phones in the bottom of our bags, just in case.”

She said they also came in handy on a school trip to Columbia with 16 students, adding: “We brought a total of FOUR back-up phones between the two [of] us.

“And they ALL got used – two by chaperones who couldn’t unlock their phones to use them with a SIM card abroad, and two by students whose phones were either broken or stolen.”

If your phone is stolen, make sure you report it stolen as soon as possible.

A man was left stunned after his wife’s phone was stolen on holiday – only to be landed with a £20k bill.

During their trip to Italy for their four-year wedding anniversary, her phone was stolen.

The thieves then managed to rack up a huge bill by calling premium rate numbers.

Here’s also how to avoid expensive roaming charges on holiday.

Taking a second, more basic phone means you won't be left in the lurch if it dies


Taking a second, more basic phone means you won’t be left in the lurch if it diesCredit: Alamy

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