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You should NEVER walk around a plane if you feel sick, warns expert – and 7 tips to cure queasiness

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You should NEVER walk around a plane if you feel sick, warns expert – and 7 tips to cure queasiness

AN EXPERT has warned that you should never walk around a plane if you feel sick – and shared seven useful tips to cure queasiness.

Motion sickness is common when travelling by air and can spoil the start of your holiday.

Experts warn against walking on a plane when feeling nauseous


Experts warn against walking on a plane when feeling nauseousCredit: Getty

Feeling sick on a plane is never an ideal situation – but with limited resources and tight space, it becomes even harder to remediate.

The best way to avoid sickness on a plane is to avoid flying when you start experiencing early symptoms of an illness.

It could not always be possible, but doctors warn that it’s best to postpone travelling until you feel better.

But sometimes an illness can catch you unexpectedly mid-air, which is when the expert tips come in handy.

If you’re feeling nauseous on a flight, there are several ways to curb the symptoms.

Dr Danielle Qing, an internal medicine specialist at Mount Sinai, said passengers should never walk around a plane or stand up if they’re feeling sick.

Dr Qing advised travellers to stay seated instead, as it helps to keep their centre of gravity low.

“Keep your head down and eyes closed. Having your center of gravity a little lower can help you feel less dizzy,” she explained.

It is also recommended to avoid looking at screens – try to fall asleep instead.

If you struggle to sleep, then opt for an audio book or podcast to replace visual entertainment.

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And if you are sitting next to a window, look out into the horizon and keep your head still.

Cabin air can also be extremely dry and cause dehydration which is why drinking plenty of water is important even if you’re not unwell.

But in cases of nausea or stomach sickness, dehydration can even worsen your symptoms.

Dr Daniel Chandler told the HuffPost: “Sometimes dizziness is just a version of motion sickness, but sometimes it can be from dehydration, too.

“Particularly if you had alcohol, take in some extra water.”

Doctors also recommend eating a little bit of food to stop queasiness.

When feeling sick, food might be the last thing that you’d want – but in some cases it can actually help.

A small amount of bland food could take away some of the nausea, experts say.

If you experience vomiting or diarrhoea, then go for the BRAT diet – banana, rice, applesauce and toast.

But even a little bit of crackers or bread could go a long way in curing the nausea.

If nothing works, take medicine such as Dramamine to help with motion sickness.

As a last resort, you could always ask flight attendants for their assistance.

They are highly trained and often have behind-the-counter medicine available for passengers.

In some cases, they will be able to designate a toilet for you to use for the duration of the flight.

The plane crew often deal with travellers who experience motion sickness and even have their own tips to fight the symptoms.

One flight attendant shared that placing a cold, wet towel on the neck can be useful.

Another flight attendant added: “Turn air on them – cold air lowers the risk of airsickness which is why planes are kept on the cooler side.

Some have discovered that sipping on a flat coke, ginger ale or sprite can help.

While another member of cabin crew explained that smelling citrus has calmed down nausea for people who are feeling sick.

7 tips to cure queasiness

Experts have shared seven tips that can be used on a plane if you have motion sickness.

  • Avoid looking at screens
    Stare into horizon if you’re next to the window or sleep instead.
  • Stay hydrated
    Better opt for water than carbonated drinks
  • Try to eat a little food
    Bland food like bread or crackers could take away some of the nausea
  • Take medicine
    Dramamine is known to ease motion sickness
  • Stay seated
    Keeping centre of gravity low proves helpful
  • Ask flight attendant for help
    They’re highly trained, have medicine and can designate a toilet for you if necessary
  • Avoid flying when sick if possible
    If you experience symptoms before boarding the plane, try to postpone travelling until you’re better.

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