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11 Best Things to Do in El Paso Texas » Local Adventurer

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11 Best Things to Do in El Paso Texas » Local Adventurer

3. Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site

6900 Hueco Tanks Road No. 1, El Paso, TX 79938, map

If you climb, you’ve probably heard of Hueco Tanks, a 40-minute drive from El Paso. It’s arguably the best bouldering spot in the US and the world.

Even if you don’t climb, Hueco Tanks is still worth visiting if you hike or want to experience a living museum. We would have never noticed it, but our guide, Dan, showed us 700-800-year-old pieces of pottery lying around and native American rock art as old as 6000 BCE, which can be found in over 200 locations.

Hueco Tanks is divided into four areas: North Mountain, East Mountain, East Spur, and West Mountain. Because of its archaeological significance, they have strict park access. The North Mountain is the only area you can explore without a guide, but it still requires reservations.

You will need a guide to climb or explore the latter three areas. We highly recommend Blue Lizard Climbing and Yoga, who our friends also went with years ago.

Entrance fees are $7 per person (13+) per day, or you can purchase a Texas State parks Pass for $70. In addition, you can add tours or guides.

Local Tip: It’s hot if you visit during the summer (May to September)! Although you can find some shaded spots for climbing, most people avoid this season. If you plan on hiking, go in the early morning or late afternoon.

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