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Taylor Swift Is ‘So in Love’ With Travis Kelce: He’s Not Afraid to Love Her Publicly, Source Says

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Taylor Swift Is ‘So in Love’ With Travis Kelce: He’s Not Afraid to Love Her Publicly, Source Says

Taylor Swift is loving life with Travis Kelce. Amid the international leg of the singer’s Eras Tour, a source tells ET that she’s “happier than ever and so in love.”

“She likes that Travis is so proud of her and that he isn’t afraid to show his love for her publicly,” the source says of Kelce, who recently traveled to both Australia and Singapore to see Swift’s concerts.

“She is in a great place and having the best time performing, making music, and feeling free to live her life more openly,” the source adds. “Travis is enjoying being on tour with Taylor and is happy to support her.”

As for what’s in store for the couple, the source says that “Taylor views Travis as a true partner and someone she can have a real future with.”

After Kelce returned from his Australia trip, the Super Bowl champion discussed his vacation during an episode of his and brother Jason Kelce‘s New Heights podcast.

“It’s a wild ride. I will tell you this, Australia did not disappoint. It was amazing over there,” Kelce said, before recalling the media attention during his and Swift’s visit to the Sydney Zoo.

“There were full-on helicopters just flying around,” he said. “They helicoptered us. Well, not us — Taylor. This is all because Taylor’s the biggest and the best thing possible.” 

When it comes to the crowd at Swift’s show, Kelce said, “The Australians are pretty rowdy, they like to have a good time, I like to have a good time. Taylor is very fond of performing in Australia because the crowds over there and how into it they get, so shout out to Australia for showing up, showing out.” 

Shortly thereafter, Kelce traveled to Singapore, where he was spotted at Swift’s concert and on a night out with his girlfriend and her bandmates.

Watch the video below for more on the couple.


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