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15 Best Beaches In South Coast NSW, Australia

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15 Best Beaches In South Coast NSW, Australia

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Although I haven’t been to every beach in Australia… yet, I’m pretty confident the South Coast NSW has some of the best beaches in the country.

Hyams Beach, Australia

We spent three weeks in this region, and I personally believe the beaches in the South Coast NSW were better than the North Coast NSW beaches.

They are not only stunningly beautiful, but there is much less development than in the north, and WAY LESS people. Win-win!

But with over 600km of coastline to explore, it’s not possible to see every beach in one trip, so I’ve prepared this guide to the best beaches in the South Coast of New South Wales, so you can make a decision about which ones to visit.

Let’s take a look…

Where is the South Coast NSW region?

map showing sydney to eden

The South Coast NSW region begins just outside of Sydney and stretches through the Royal National Park to Eden. It extends for over 476km and takes 6 hours and 25 minutes to drive from one side to the other.

Along the way, you will pass several small towns and cities, and of course, stunning NSW beaches.

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The Best Beaches in South Coast NSW

Below you will find the beaches in South Coast New South Wales that we loved. We particularly loved the ones in Booderee National Park because we practically had the whole beach to ourselves.

Give me uncrowded, natural, pristine looking beaches any day! As you will find at these world-class beaches…

1. Hyams Beach

rocky sand on Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach is one of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the world and is famous for having the whitest sand in the world.

Located on the shores of Jervis Bay and boasting shimmering blue waters and white sands, it’s a paradise like no other.

This beach is worth visiting for the breathtaking backdrop alone, but there’s also plenty to do here.

Relax on the beach, explore the crystal-clear waters with snorkeling or scuba diving, or take a walk through nearby Booderee National Park for a unique experience.

With its comforting atmosphere and picturesque landscapes, Hyams Beach is an ideal getaway destination that you’ll never forget.

2. Merimbula Beach

red rocks against green water Merrimbula Beach, NSW, Australia

Merimbula Beach has these stunning coloured rock formations and is a popular surf beach.

With its crystal-clear waters and lush green landscapes, it’s an ideal destination for those who enjoy incredible landscapes as well as a place to relax.

There is plenty to do at Merimbula Beach – from swimming and sunbathing to exploring its diverse marine life and coral reefs, where if you’re lucky you may find sea turtles and other native marine life to the South Coast. It’s a popular spot for snorkeling or scuba diving.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a stroll through Gulaga National Park for breathtaking views.

The local restaurants serve up fresh seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.

Its tranquil atmosphere and incredible scenery make Merimbula Beach well worth a visit!

3. Depot Beach

kangaroos on Depot Beach

Depot Beach in Murramarang National Park is frequently inhabited by wild kangaroos.

Not only that, but it’s a picturesque paradise which is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, plus the local town offers plenty of activities such as exploring the nearby national parks or visiting charming café’s and restaurants.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a hike through Murramarang National Park or check out some of the nearby waterfalls.

Depot Beach is worth visiting for its stunning landscape alone, plus it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.

4. Chinamans Beach

Chinamans Beach framed by trees

Chinamans Beach is part of the sensational White Sands Walk in Jervis Bay.

It’s a true hidden gem that should be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting the South Coast NSW.

With its turquoise waters, white sand and lush green landscapes, it’s an idyllic destination for a beach getaway.

There are plenty of activities around the beach like exploring the nearby national parks, tasting delicious seafood from local restaurants or simply relaxing with a picnic on the sand.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a sailing trip to experience the beauty of this stunning area from the water.

Chinamans Beach is worth visiting for its breathtaking views and wide array of activities – whether you just want to relax or seek out some adventure!

5. Pretty Beach

beach track going down to Pretty Beach,

Want to wake up to kangaroos outside your cabin? Then head to picturesque Pretty Beach in Murramarang National Park.

Pretty Beach is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday. With its crystal-clear waters and seemingly untouched sand, it’s a paradise that captivates anyone who comes here.

This popular spot is ideal for swimmers or sunbathing and there are plenty of activities to keep adventurers busy such as kayaking, fishing or sailing trips.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, take a stroll around the beach or explore the nearby national parks like Bouddi National Park.

It’s also a great place to catch humpback whales on their migration route (between June and November) from the shore.

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6. Green Patch Beach

white sand and turquoise waters of Green Patch Beach, NSW, Australia

Green Patch in Booderee National Park is one of the best camping sites in the state.

With its tranquil waters and breathtaking coastal views, it’s an incredible spot for swimming, surfing or sunbathing.

You can also hunt for shells along the shore, explore nearby bushland trails or even visit local wineries.

If you’re looking for something different, take a boat tour to appreciate the beauty of this stunning area from the water.

Green Patch Beach is worth visiting for its tranquil atmosphere which allows you to simply kick back and relax.

7. Scottish Rocks, Booderee National Park

Scottish Rocks on th ebeach

One of our best discoveries. The amazing Scottish Rocks will blow you away.

Scottish Rocks is an amazing beach in South Coast NSW for exploring the outdoors.

Whether you feel like diving, fishing or kayaking – its marine life will captivate your senses.

There are also plenty of hiking trails and lookouts that offer spectacular views of the ocean and surrounding bushland.

If you’re fond of history, take a walk along the old quarry tour to discover some abandoned building relics from the past.

Scottish Rocks is worth visiting for its beautiful scenery. Whether you just want to relax or seek out an adventure, this is the place to be!

8. Pebbly Beach

Kangaroo on Pebbly Beach

Possibly the best place to see wild Kangaroos on the beach in NSW. I have never seen so many wild kangaroos jumping around on the beaches than here.

Plus, the white powdery sand and striking cliffs are up there with the best I have seen anywhere in the world.

It’s also a great place to spot some marine life, as dolphins requently grace these shores. It’s also a great place for surfing.

You can also relax on the sand or explore nearby trails that offer spectacular views of the ocean and local wildlife.

Pebbly Beach is worth visiting for its peaceful atmosphere and plethora of activities .

9. Greenfields Beach

rocks on Greenfields Beach, NSW, Australia

Greenfields is probably the most popular beach in the Jervis Bay National Park. It has sand so soft and white that it squeaks, which is why it’s sometimes called Squeaky Beach.

It also has crystal clear, shallow waters with a few rocky pools for snorkelling around. It’s an ideal destination for swimming, snorkelling or simply soaking up the sun.

You can also explore nearby trails to discover unique wildlife and picturesque landscapes.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even attempt stand-up paddle boarding or try spotting some dolphins.

Greenfields Beach is worth visiting for its tranquil setting and outstanding natural beauty.

10. Bar Beach

people on Bar Beach, Narooma

A family friendly beach, Bar Beach is located in the pretty coastal town of Narooma.

Bar Beach has soft, golden sand, sparkling ocean and stunning views, it’s an ideal destination for swimming, snorkelling or simply soaking up the sun.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a surf lesson or attempt stand-up paddle boarding – there are plenty of opportunities for fun!

Since it’s close to the suburbs, it has more amenities at your disposal, such as Empire Park which has a grassy area you can picnic on, as well as a kiosk to get snacks.

11. North Wollongong Beach

North Wollongong Beach, NSW, Australia

North Wollongong has a cafe scene, walking track, rock pools with crabs and tiny sea animals, and sunrise views over the historic lighthouse.

The stunning golden sand and turquoise-blue waters make it an ideal destination for swimming, snorkelling or simply catching some sunrays.

If you’re feeling adventurous, there are plenty of opportunities for stand-up paddle boarding or learning to surf.

It also has a public toilet, a grassy area with picnic tables, and a playground for kids.

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12. Werri Beach

Scenic aerial overlooking Werri Beach, Kiama.
Credit: Mark Fitzpatrick; Destination NSW

Werri Beach is located on the eastern coast of Gerringong and is a great beach for surfers to tackle the waves. It has soft, golden sand between two rocky headlands, where on the north end you will find the Werri Lagoon.

To the South, you will find a reef break and ocean pool, which creates a gentle, calm place to swim, making it a great beach to visit for families.

It’s also a dog-friendly beach where they can run around without a leash. If you want more adventure, head to the bike track and cycle the length of the beach, or climb up into the dunes for some amazing coastal views.

13. Murrays Beach

Sunset over Bowen Island and Murrays Beach in Jervis Bay.
Bowen Island and Murrays Beach Credit: Filippo Rivetti

Murrays Beach is another beautiful beach in the Jervis Bay region, nestled within the Booderee National Park. I said earlier that the Booderee beaches were my favorite beaches, and perhaps Murrays Beach will show you why.

It’s unspoiled and reasonably quiet, allowing you to escape the crowds and enjoy peace and quiet on the soft pearly white sand.

It has gentle waves because it’s sheltered by Bowen Island, which means it’s great for families with small kids who love to paddle.

If you enjoy hiking, you’ll find some great nature trails near Murrays Beach. And best of all, there’s ample parking near this beach.

14. Mollymook Beach

People enjoying the sunny weather at Mollymook Beach,

Mollymook Beach is a long, 2km beach that extends from Bannisters Point to the Mollymook Golf Club which sits on top of a craggy headland.

It’s the perfect place to spot dolphins and marine life swimming in the waters.

The waves are excellent for surfing and during the warm months, the beach is patrolled so it’s safe to take a board out.

You can learn to surf, or go snorkelling around the rocky headland where you’ll find a small reef.

15. Bombo Beach, Kiama Downs

Stretching for 1.2km, Bombo Beach is the beach that connects Kiama and Kiama Downs.

It’s famous for being a surfing beach and has strong rips, so it’s not great for swimmers, but excellent for those who are proficient at surfing.

To help surfers out, there is a series of sandbars that create a consistent surf, so you can surf here all year round.

If you don’t surf, no matter, you can grab a coffee and sit on the beach and watch the professionals at work.

Map Of The South Coast Beaches, NSW

To help you plan which beaches to visit, here is a map of these stunning beaches on the South Coast of NSW.

Final Thoughts on South Coast Beaches, NSW

The South Coast of New South Wales is an idyllic vacation spot, not just for locals but for international tourists alike.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to do water sports, somewhere to relax, a great spot for surfers, or even just somewhere to watch the sunset. There is all of this and more on the NSW South Coast.

I hope this guide helped you plan which beach to visit and helped you to see how the South’s beaches are some of the best in Australia!

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11 Best Beaches on South Coast NSW, Australia

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