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4 Tips for Sending Beautiful Holiday Greetings on a Budget | Seasonal

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4 Tips for Sending Beautiful Holiday Greetings on a Budget | Seasonal

(StatePoint) If you have less time and less money to dedicate to the holidays, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite traditions, such as sending a yearly holiday card.

In a survey conducted by AmericanGreetings.com, 60% of Americans sent cards last year and 90% of people said they bring them joy. Here are a few tips to make this year’s family greeting more special than ever before, even while on a budget and time crunch.

Write a Personal Message

Holiday greetings don’t have to be the same for every recipient. In fact, 71% of people surveyed said personalization, such as adding a custom note, is their favorite part of cards. Make each message thoughtful and unique by sharing memories from throughout the year that showcase favorite moments with specific family and friends.

Go Digital

Between coordinating family photo shoots, building mailing lists, stuffing, addressing and stamping envelopes, sending holiday cards can be a time-consuming task—but it doesn’t have to be. Go the digital route with Pics & Wishes, a line of multimedia greetings from AmericanGreetings.com, where you can send specially designed ecards to loved ones. The app makes creating and sending heartfelt greetings extremely easy, personalized and affordable.

With Pics & Wishes, people of all ages and skill levels can unleash their creativity. American Greetings’ easy-to-use card-builder lets you select from seasonal templates featuring a variety of animated graphics. Since your phone is likely already full of photos and videos, Pics & Wishes offers an easy, inexpensive way to personalize greetings straight from your mobile device. You’ll never need to worry about your long list of recipients or how it will add up in cost. Since the app is subscription-based, the unlimited number of sends makes it incredibly convenient to send ecards to your whole mailing list at once.

Create a Family Newsletter

Outdo last year’s traditional greetings while keeping loved ones up to date by creating a family newsletter. With Pics & Wishes, you have the option to write a simple, personalized note or take your card-sending game to a whole new level. One way is by sharing the latest and greatest in your family members’ lives in a fun, entertaining year-in-review letter. Plus, the easy-to-use app offers special accents for recipients to enjoy, such as decorative letterhead and cheerful holiday music.

Don’t Forget Pets

People love their pets and often treat them like family. In fact, nearly half of Americans say they have signed their pet’s name in a card. The annual holiday card is the perfect opportunity to include your furry friend in photos as an honored part of the family. Plus, recipients will also enjoy their inclusion, as 58% of Americans surveyed said they gravitate toward greeting cards that feature animals. Whether it’s a cute, posed photo of your puppy or a candid of your cat, it’s sure to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces.

With a little twist on the classic tradition, you can save time and money while creating unique and personalized holiday greetings that everyone on the recipient list is sure to enjoy.

Photo Credit: (c) shine.graphics / Adobe Stock

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