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Best Romantic Things To Do In London, UK – A Guide For Couples

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Best Romantic Things To Do In London, UK – A Guide For Couples

Looking for romantic things to do in London in the UK? I have been to London countless times and it is one of my favourite cities. London is a quintessential destination for romance.

I would love to share with you some of the London attractions and activities that are worth visiting for a romantic day or night with your loved one.

It’s the hidden gems and the moments in between that truly make London special for couples. From luxurious experiences to budget-friendly yet unforgettable activities, I’ve got you covered.

Romantic Things to Do in London, UK:

Romantic Date at London Eye Ryazan and Stephen Tristram
Ryazan and Stephen Tristram Romantic Date at London Eye

1. Thames River Cruise

London Eye and River Thames in London, UK
London Eye and River Thames in London, UK

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in London, UK, a Thames River Cruise should absolutely be on your radar.

A Thames River Cruise offers an unbeatable blend of sightseeing and intimate moments. Imagine sailing past landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, all while sharing a glass of champagne with your significant other.

The experience is mesmerizing at any time of day, but it reaches peak romance as the sun sets or after dark.

As for the best times to hop on a cruise, I’d recommend evenings for that magical sunset experience, particularly in the late spring or summer when the weather is more likely to be on your side.

Winter cruises can be cozy and equally magical with the right layers and perhaps a warm beverage in hand.

There are numerous operators offering various packages, from simple sightseeing trips to luxurious dinner cruises.

Feel free to check this Thames River Cruise via Get Your Guide, which offers a scenic cruise from Westminster to Greenwich along the River Thames.

Or you can also opt for an evening Thames River cruise via Get Your Guide, which also offers canapés and bubbly.

You can choose the package that best suits you, keeping in mind the landmarks you wish to see or the amenities like food and drinks that might be included.

2. The Shard: Enjoy the View

The Shard in London UK
The Shard in London, UK

Another go-to destination for romantic things to do in London, UK, has to be The Shard.

Towering above the city at a jaw-dropping 310 meters, it’s the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the sixth tallest in Europe.

The Shard was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and was completed in 2012, changing London’s skyline forever.

Why is The Shard a romantic must-see? Well, you’re literally above it all, with London sprawling out beneath you.

The 360-degree panoramic view is beyond spectacular, offering a unique perspective of landmarks you might have just seen on your Thames River Cruise.

Just imagine sharing that awe-inspiring sight with the one you love. Sounds romantic, right?

Visiting in the late afternoon is my top recommendation. This way, you can watch the city transition from day to night, giving you the best of both worlds—the sun setting over the city followed by London’s famous landmarks lighting up the skyline.

Plus, nothing screams romance more than a sunset viewed from 800 feet in the air.

3. Covent Garden: Street Performers and Shopping

Covent Garden in London
Covent Garden in London

We’ve been on top, but what about something a little more down-to-earth?

Visit Covent Garden, a neighborhood that blends culture, commerce, and an energetic vibe that you can’t help but fall in love with.

No trip centered around romantic things to do in London, UK, would be complete without a stop here.

First off, let’s talk street performers.

From magicians and musicians to acrobats and fire-eaters, the range of talent you’ll encounter is not only entertaining but also creates an atmosphere of spontaneity that’s perfect for romance.

You never know what you’ll see next, and that element of surprise and topic for conversation, plus can add an exciting twist to your date.

The area is also teeming with boutiques, designer stores, and market stalls.

Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your partner or simply enjoying a browse through antique treasures and handmade crafts, the experience is tailored for couple bonding.

The cobbled streets and architecture add a storybook charm to your shopping adventure, making it an experience that’s both intimate and fun.

I’ve got to say, that the blend of arts and shopping can turn an ordinary day into a memorable experience, even offering plenty of opportunities for those must-have Instagram shots that capture your romantic getaway.

And don’t even get me started on the cafes and eateries here!

4. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Ways How to Get From London to Kew Gardens in London UK
Kew Gardens

If your idea of love involves nature, then visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, has to be on your list of romantic things to do in London.

This isn’t just another garden, folks; Kew Gardens is an iconic green space, home to the largest and most diverse collection of plants in the world.

It is also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the UK. Noted for its great contribution to the study of plant diversity and botany.

Come on, just imagine walking hand-in-hand through secluded paths lined with plants, flowers, and trees.

The scenery around you changes with each turn, from formal gardens to natural landscapes. And then there’s the Treetop Walkway, where you’re literally walking 18 meters above the woodland floor.

The vantage point offers you a unique view of the park and, of course, some alone time up in the canopy. Trust me; this place can make you feel like you’re in your own romantic film, minus the cheesy lines.

If you’re looking for special events, visit around February 14th, when the gardens usually host a Valentine’s Day tour.

It’s a wonderfully curated experience focusing on the romantic stories behind the plants and features of the garden.

And don’t miss the annual Orchid Festival, usually held in February and March. The Princess of Wales Conservatory is transformed into a tropical paradise, creating a perfect backdrop for romance.

As for ticket information, prices vary depending on what you’re after. You can buy your Kew Gardens Tickets via Get Your Guide, but there are package deals for special events and exhibits.

I recommend advance booking online for the best rates and to secure your spot.

5. Romantic Dinner for Two

Romantic Dinner for Two in London UK
Romantic Dinner for Two in London UK

Now, let’s dim the lights and dial up the romance because no guide to romantic things to do in London is complete without mentioning the city’s incredible dining scene.

London is a gastronomic playground, and when it comes to sharing a special meal with your significant other, the options are endless and seriously impressive.

Let’s start with Duck & Waffle. Situated on the 40th floor of a skyscraper, this restaurant pairs mouthwatering dishes like its signature duck and waffle with views that’ll knock your socks off.

We’re talking about a panoramic vista of London that turns your dinner into a multisensory experience. Now, mix that with a fine glass of wine, and you’ve got a date night that’s off the charts.

But what if you’re looking for something more upscale? The Shard isn’t just about the views; it’s also home to some remarkable dining experiences.

The Shard Restaurants and Bar offer not only divine menus but also an atmosphere that’s simply dreamy.

Enjoying a steak or fresh seafood while gazing out at the city lights below—you can’t get more romantic than that.

For the foodies who appreciate gourmet dining, The Clove Club is a must-visit. This 2-star Michelin restaurant in Shoreditch offers a menu that’s inventive and rich in flavor, presented in a cozy, unpretentious setting.

It’s romance for the refined palate, and trust me, you’ll be talking about that meal for months to come.

If classic is more your style, then The Ritz Restaurant is your go-to. This Michelin-starred establishment offers a sense of timelessness that’s as iconic as London itself.

With its elegant decor, fine china, and impeccable service, dining here isn’t just a meal; it’s an event. It encapsulates the kind of old-school romance that never goes out of style.

6. Couples Massage at a Luxury Spa

Enclave on Lotus Spa in Royal Princess
Relax at the Spa

Alright, so we’ve talked about fancy dinners, romantic strolls, and exhilarating views, now let’s go into something more…relaxing.

One of the most overlooked but incredibly rewarding romantic things to do in London, UK, has to be a couples massage at a luxury spa.

Seriously, if you haven’t considered this yet, it’s time to put it on your romantic radar.

My recommendations include Shangri-La at The Shard. It is nothing short of a dream. This isn’t just a massage; it’s an experience set against the backdrop of iconic city views.

Then there’s Aire Ancient Baths, another gem you can’t afford to miss. This spa is inspired by the tradition of Roman baths and offers a stunning underground oasis.

You can soak in thermal baths before or after your massage, adding another layer of relaxation to your spa day.

The dimly lit atmosphere, accented by candles and ancient stone architecture, adds an element of mystery and ancient romance to your experience.

7. Bike Ride in Hyde Park

Hyde Park in London UK
Hyde Park in London UK

If you’re hunting for romantic things to do in London, UK, that combine a bit of adventure with picturesque scenery, then a bike ride through Hyde Park is an excellent bet.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “A bike ride, really?” But hear me out!

Hyde Park isn’t just any park. It’s one of London’s largest and most famous green spaces!

Imagine riding through tree-lined pathways, next to lakes and flower gardens. But it’s not just about the landscape; it’s also about the shared experience.

Plus, there’s the freedom to hop off your bikes and enjoy a spontaneous picnic or catch a live band performance, adding layers of fun to your date.

As for renting a bike, there are multiple docking stations around Hyde Park where you can rent “Santander Cycles” by the hour.

Just use your bank card at one of the terminals, and you’re good to go.

8. Outdoor Cinema Experience

London kicks it up a notch with outdoor cinema experiences that are way too charming to pass up, especially when you’re looking for romantic things to do in London.

What sets outdoor cinema apart is the ambiance. Forget about the closed, dark rooms of a traditional movie theater.

Here, you’re surrounded by the open sky, fresh air, and sometimes even iconic London landmarks as your backdrop.

Among the places to catch an outdoor movie, Rooftop Cinema is a standout.

As the name implies, it’s a cinema on a rooftop, offering panoramic views of the city.

This is prime territory for romantics. You’ve got the sunset, the skyline, and a film that you both love—what more could you ask for?

Another intriguing option is Float-in Cinema by Openaire. Yep, you heard that right.

This involves watching a movie from a boat, gently floating on water. If that doesn’t scream ‘unique date night,’ I don’t know what does.

As you sit on the boat, snacks in hand, the screen lights up in front of you, and the rest of the world seems to fade away.

It’s just you, your partner, and the magic of cinema, all set against a watery tableau.

9. Wine Tasting at an Elegant Cellar

Wine Tasting Romantic Experience in London UK
Wine-Tasting Romantic Experience in London UK

Wine tasting is a refined affair, but don’t let that intimidate you.

It’s less about being a connoisseur and more about sharing a sensory journey with someone special.

If you’re compiling a list of romantic things to do in London, UK, sipping on fine wines in an elegant cellar should be up there.

London presents a couple of options that truly stand out. Claridge’s Bar, one of the iconic luxury hotels in the city, offers wine tastings that are every bit as opulent as you’d expect.

It’s not just wine; it’s an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication, making the experience incredibly romantic.

At Claridge’s, you can find exclusive packages that include a tour of their vintage collection.

On the flip side, if you want something with historical charm, you can’t go wrong with Gordon’s Wine Bar.

It’s the oldest wine bar in London and exudes an atmosphere of old-world romance.

Gordon’s operates on a more casual basis, but getting there early is advisable as it’s a popular spot, especially during the weekends.

10. A Day Trip to Windsor

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

If the noise of London ever starts to feel a bit overwhelming, a day trip to Windsor is the perfect escape.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the capital, Windsor offers a tranquil yet majestic atmosphere, making it a top choice for romantic things to do near London, UK.

You’ll get a mix of grandeur, gardens, and town atmosphere, all rolled into one enchanting day.

Getting to Windsor is a piece of cake. I wrote a handy guide on Ways How to Get from London to Windsor Castle, feel free to read it so you can plan ahead.

Once you arrive, you can feel the slower pace and relaxed vibe—a stark but welcome contrast to London’s constant motion.

Now, what makes Windsor a perfect romantic day trip?

Well, you can’t mention Windsor without talking about Windsor Castle, one of the oldest and largest inhabited castles in the world.

Walking through its opulent rooms and extensive grounds feels like stepping into a fairytale.

Beyond the castle, the town itself adds to the romantic allure. You can take a stroll down its cobblestone streets, lined with cute shops and cafes.

Maybe pick up a memento or two, or indulge in some local treats.

Well, that’s it—a rundown of some of the most unforgettable and romantic things to do in London, UK. They’re about sharing experiences that evoke emotion, create connection, and leave lasting memories.

Let the love journey begin, and may London be the backdrop of your most cherished memories together! Cheers to romance in the city that has it all.


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And hey, if you found this guide useful, why not share it with others? Better yet, drop a comment and let us know about your own romantic adventures in London. We’d love to hear from you!

Romantic Things to Do in London UK A Guide for Couples pin
Romantic Things to Do in London UK A Guide for Couples


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