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Dog Standing in the Rain to Stop Owner Leaving Them Resurfaces: ‘So Sad’

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Dog Standing in the Rain to Stop Owner Leaving Them Resurfaces: ‘So Sad’

A holiday isn’t a holiday without loved ones, so it’s only right for some owners to bring their canines with them, but one dog apparently didn’t get the vacation memo.

A video of Squash, a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle mix, has recently gone viral for the second time on TikTok. The footage shows the Bernedoodle staring at her owner as he packs his car ahead of a road trip. At the time of writing, the clip posted on November 20 by @squashybernedoodle has amassed more than 9.8 million views. This is around 3 million fewer than the first time the video was posted.

Layered over the heartbreaking clip, the text reads: “Yesterday we packed our car to go on a road trip and Squash thought we were leaving her behind so she stood by the car in the rain to make sure [she] wouldn’t be left behind.”

These days, we live in a dog-friendly world where pets are welcome in many hotels and restaurants. And even if establishments aren’t willing to let animals come in, owners are more than happy to risk it all for their companion.

In a survey of 500 pet owners by the website Rover.com, 10 percent admit to hiding their dog in their luggage to sneak them into a hotel. And 3 percent of owners have tried to disguise their pup as a baby to board a plane.

The survey found that people aged between 55 and 64 were more likely to take their pet with them when they travel. And 37 percent of participants had previously opted against a vacation so they could stay at home with their dog.

Newsweek shared a video in February 2023 that showed a dog who was fortunate enough to travel in style with her owner as she flew first-class.

What Do the Comments Say?

Dog in rain
A stock image of a dog sitting in the rain. A similar scene showing a Bernedoodle has gone viral for the second time on TikTok.
stockphotographers/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Initially, the clip shared in July last year amassed over 12.1 million views and “it launched Squash’s influencer era,” according to the most-recent caption. Now, the 5-year-old, who lives in California, is an internet sensation and regularly racks up hundreds and thousands of views on TikTok. So far, the resurfaced clip has over 600,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments.

One user wrote: “This is very sad, not because I think she’ll be left behind but because dogs are so smart and have to go through this.

“That’s so sad I’m glad you didn’t leave him so sweet,” posted another. Squash’s owner responded to confirm, “we would never.”

A third user commented: “Dogs are so dramatic.”

Newsweek reached out to @squashiebernedoodle for comment via Instagram. We could not verify the details of the case.

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