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Christmas Connection searching for new holiday workshop

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Christmas Connection searching for new holiday workshop

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – The Christmas Connection is seeking a new home for the holidays.

The charity which provides gifts and necessities to hundreds of families each year relies on donated space to host its annual donation drive. The Christmas Connection is looking for an empty store or warehouse that’s at least 15,000 square feet and has utilities, restrooms and parking.

“We have all our elves working hard, but we need a workshop,” Christmas Connection Coordinator Pattie Malarney said.

The group is hoping to move in by November 12 and move out by the first of next year.

“You start out with this empty building and then all of a sudden 70, 80 tables are just filled with Christmas Connection donations from the gift lists from our families, which is over 500 families that we serve,” Malarney said. “And then all of a sudden it’s like busy little elves, everything gets set up and is ready to go out the door.”

The Christmas Connection, which is in its 44th year, serves families in Leon and five surrounding counties.

The building it has used for the past two years near the corner of Capital Circle and Apalachee Parkway was donated by Leon County, but it has been leased and is not available this year.

For more information on site requirements and suggestions, please contact Christmas Connection Coordinator Pattie Malarney at 850-665-3852 or [email protected].

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